98 Acres Resort Review

Ready to explore a luxurious retreat at a picturesque tea estate?           

Sri Lanka is not just known for its beaches and wildlife parks. As you head to the hill country, you find the most luxurious and beautiful resorts. We, the DuoEscapes couple, headed to Ella for a happy break after lockdown. This time we wanted to explore Ella!

Ravana Ella Falls, Duo Escapes
Ravana Ella Falls

Thrilled by the property reviews and the current offer, we decided to stay at 98 Acres Resort.

USP of the property: The property stands on a 98-acre land – tea estate, to be precise. Additionally, the chalets of the property are made out of recyclable objects.

As a nature-loving couple, we believe that more resorts and hotels should join the environment-friendly club. Since we take so much from the environment, sometimes, it is good to protect its beauty.

Let’s dive into the review and tell you how our experience was!

Note: We believe in giving unbiased reviews as our readers are our family!

It Started With A Great Offer

We consider ourselves as excellent financial planners. Most importantly, we know that a great offer can help you save extra bucks.

So, we got a full-board offer from the property. It was a good deal and after the lockdown phase, we needed to head out for a break.

A Warm and Fuzzy Welcome

We reached the property at 12:30. Sadly, the rooms were not ready and we had to wait. Considering the check-in time was 2:30, we made peace with it and went to the restaurant for lunch.

98 acres resort, Duo Escapes
Reception Building

Note: You need to climb many steps to reach the restaurant area.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food was delicious and the presentation was praise-worthy – hands-down! Also, as we sat down for lunch, we were served a non-vegetarian salad. Since we did not prefer this salad, the restaurant staff made sure that we get anything that our heart desires. Full points for the staff! They are attentive and pay special attention to the guests’ food preferences.

98 acres, restaurant
Restaurant Building

Restaurant serves Sri Lankan cuisine, Continental cuisine, and you will also find Far Eastern food options. While you enjoy the meal, you can also soak in the view of the mountains and lush greenery.

Heading to Our Luxurious Premium Deluxe Room

There are different category rooms. We booked the Premium Deluxe Room. As we entered the room, it was extremely spacious and had wonderful interiors.

Duo Escapes, Premium deluxe rooms
Premium Deluxe Rooms (4 rooms in one building)

Have you noticed that we pay extra attention to the bathroom? It was spacious and had all the amenities. The interesting part was that there were many glass features. One could see the mountains and the surroundings. Sadly, we could not open the windows as the property was under construction. We could see people outside!

View from the room

The only drawback was the privacy part. As a couple, we expected it to be a private getaway. We could have enjoyed the mountain-view from our glass window in the bathroom.

Premium Deluxe Bathrooms

As the property was under construction, the staff could not fulfil the privacy bit to us. Perhaps next time (once the construction is over), we would get to enjoy privacy as well.

The Premium Deluxe Room offers partial view of Ella Gap and Adam’s Peak. It also had a spacious balcony for us to sit. We also liked the timber floors of the room! It gave a very pleasant finishing to the room.

Premium Deluxe Rooms

Selling Points Of The Hotel

The restaurant offers the most stunning view! You can view Ella Gap and Little Adam’s Peak from the resort. That’s the main selling point of the hotel.

Ella Rock
Ella Rock covered in Mist

If you enjoy swimming, head to the massive swimming pool of the property. It does not offer privacy as such, but you can still click some amazing photographs with your beloved. eMemories should be captured in your camera forever, right?

Duo Escapes, 98 acres, pool
Infinity pool and view of Ella Gap

Also, we would like to point out that there is a buggy through which you can travel within the premises.

Summing up, we enjoyed our stay at 98 Acres Resort.

The view, food, staff, and the pool were the most alluring aspects during our stay. Yes, the rooms are great too, but we hope for enhanced privacy the next time. So, if you want to explore Ella’s beauty and wish to wake up to a full-bloom sunrise, then head to 98 Acres Resort.

Points to Note: 98 Acres Resort Review

  • Price: 20,000 (USD 105), booked a premium deluxe room on full board double basis through direct booking
  • Visited in July 2020
  • The main highlight of the hotel is the view of Ella mountains
  • There are few room categories you can choose from out of 28 rooms
  • Deluxe Rooms (Standard rooms) – have 6 number of these rooms and there are two units in one building (Up and down)
  • Superior Deluxe Rooms – 3 rooms are there and they are at lower level of a two unit building
  • Premium Deluxe Rooms – 12 rooms are there, where in one cluster you have 4 rooms (2 in upper floor and 2 in ground floor)
  • Honeymoon Deluxe Rooms – Have 3 of these rooms (These are the upper floors of Superior Deluxe Rooms). Best for couples and these rooms feature a Jacuzzi. Try to choose corner most one for the best views and privacy.
  • Greenland Suite – Only one room is there and separately located. This is large in size. Good for families. Lower floor you have the GYM and SPA
  • xxx Grand Executive Suites – Have 3 of these rooms and all of them feature private pools. Best room category in 98 acres resort with a nice view
  • The hotel provides additional activities such as Archery, ATV drives, Zipline, etc
  • Restaurant Staff is excellent and would cater for any of your needs
  • You might not experience the privacy that you desire in a Premium deluxe room, because the balconies of the other rooms are visible from our balcony and 4 rooms are located in one cluster (Better if proper separation is provided from one building to other)
  • Only premium deluxe and executive suites are available these days as other rooms are under renovation
  • It is highly unlikely that you will get an early check in or late check out in this period as hotel is full in weekdays and weekends

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