We would like to think of ourselves as the Duo who love to travel and have sound knowledge about the best luxury hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, being one of the best destinations, for any traveller to relax and enjoy, has so much to offer. Its varying landscapes and geographical areas allow you to quickly shift into different climates in a time span of 3-4 hours max. And Sri Lanka has variety of top notch hotels and resorts to offer making your stay memorable.

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka or want to know more about the most exquisite and romantic getaways around, then come to our blog. Our reviews are unbiased and real! We are avid travellers and our experiences will help you to plan your next trip.

We started travelling to make memories, but this blog came along as a way to connect with more people. This is also an attempt to touch lives and make everyone aware of the best properties around Sri Lanka. Our belief is that neither you have to have a travel partner nor fortune in your bank account for travelling. All you need is passion and patience.

There are many Blogs, Insta pages for travelling. But uniqueness and speciality of our blog is that Duo Escapes is entirely about our stays at Hotels and Villas. We are sharing our experiences during our stays in different destinations, including the pros and cons of each.

Never stop travelling, make plans with your beloved, and give yourself a break time and again. Life is short and making memories is the only thing you would cherish by the end of it.

Bit more about us…

Our story began a decade ago. We have been avid travellers since the beginning. We, Nadika and Sanjanee, have always been each other’s priority (except sometimes :D). We believe in celebrating love every passing day! Why should we just plan a holiday on Valentine’s Day or a ‘special’ occasion?

We love the idea of setting out on an expedition.

We both hail from the suburbs of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Cupid struck us and we both fell in deep love with each other. In September 2016, we solemnized our relationship and became companions for life. Even before getting married, we have travelled to different locations and built a deeper connection.

When looking back, we are also not so sure how we began our journey of hotel hunting. The year we got married, we went for three trips in back-to-back months. Being inspired, we decided that we will always find time to explore different properties. 

Our jobs are only a part of our lives. Nadika is involved in Civil Engineering field, and Sanjanee in the Legal and Social Work fields. Even though we are from different fields, but two things are common between us.

1. We are madly in love with each other! (Except in arguments :D)

2. We both are travel-enthusiasts

Even though we have full-time jobs plus some responsibilities for our families and friends, we made a pact that we would travel to some far-off place every month.

Always Up For a Trip

While everyone is busy running in the rat race, we find time to set out for family getaways, relaxing tours, romantic escapes, and best attractions around us. Travelling is a passion for us and it gives us the opportunity to spend quality time together and even enjoy your life.

Even though we are not full-time travellers, we love sharing our experiences during our stays. This might even help fellow travellers to make better plans!