There’s a little trivia about this hotel. It was a famous honeymoon hotel in our parents’ generation! Today, we are going to review Amaya Hunas Falls in Elkaduwa, Kandy.

Majestic Hunasfalls Waterfall

Here’s an elaborate review of the property. This is an opportunity for you to explore the property through our eyes!

The Location – Phenomenal and Striking

 We tried to look for better words, but every time we skim through our holiday pictures, only one word comes to our mind – PHENOMENAL. Waterfall tumbles down from the gigantic rocks and the forest-covered peaks will make you believe you are in paradise.

The hotel is surrounded by tea estates and the best thing about it is that it is located on top of a mountain! You are literally on top of the world.

 There are beautiful walkways, a bridge built over a lake, a small golf course, and a garden full of flowers.

Lake where the Hunasfalls start

Room with a View

When the husband and wife have same likes and dislikes, life becomes interesting. We always choose a room with a view! There are different categories of rooms at the Amaya Hunas Falls.

The first category of rooms include – Standard Room and Deluxe Balcony Room. Both have a fantastic view to offer! The Deluxe Garden room can house 3 adults and is slightly larger than the other two rooms. You can also choose to stay at the campsite (cheaper) as it offers a different kind of experience. You can explore the wilderness at night. The highest category suites include – Cardamom suite, Katsura suite, and Highlander Suite. The rooms are not as big, but you can find all basic amenities. Plus, couples would love to wake up to a stunning view!

Activities For Couples and Families

It is a very old hotel, but the hoteliers have maintained it quite well. You will have all the luxurious amenities.

There is a spice and herbal garden within the hotel land. The guests can enter this space without paying a charge. We really enjoyed a morning visit to this spice and herbal garden!

Beginners for “Golfing”

Even if you are not a professional golfer, you can learn the sport or just clicked for Instagram! The guests can pay 1000 Sri Lankan rupees to play golf for 1 hour. A free coach is available for the golf session. It is never too late to learn a new sport!

Surrounding Area

Speaking of sports, we enjoyed a session of badminton at the property. It was rejuvenating for both of us!

If you are a couple and want to indulge in some activity, try fish feeding, boat riding, pony rides, bird watching, hiking, trekking, and cycling.

You can also go down to the Hunas waterfalls for a couple of minutes. This is a fun place to click pictures and soak in the view. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Walkway Provided on top of the Hunas Falls

There was another waterfall in the area. It is called Upper Hunas Falls. Well, due to the fear of leeches, we did not have the courage to explore it. But, anybody who does not mind leech attack, they can explore this upper waterfalls too.

Food for the Soul

After hiking, trekking, and cycling, you will feel extremely hungry. Fret not! The hotel has an excellent dining space. They can customize the menu as per your taste.

At first, we thought of opting for a-la-carte, but the buffet was tempting and worth the price. It had a lot of variety and one can try different delicacies. If you want to try a Sri Lankan delicacy, then try the Sri Lankan Koththu.

You can also ask the property staff to arrange a special dining experience for you. There are some stunning locations for that.

Overall, we enjoyed our stay. It is fit for families (has a kid’s play room) and couples can enjoy multiple activities. We would recommend this hotel for the view, food, and the overall experience of being close to nature.

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs. 24,500 (USD 130) (Booked directly through website, on Bed and Breakfast Basis Double)
  • We visited this on December 2017, as our last hotel of a 4 day trip. First two were Ulagalla by Uga Escapes and Jetwing Vil Uyana, which would perfectly suit couples. As we feel, when compared with the above two, Amaya Hunas Falls may not be the perfect hotel to end a romantic tour for a couple. However, it was a different experience and would be an ideal place for a family trip.
  • You will have various activities to do, such as golf, badminton, trekking, hiking, spice and herbal garden tour
  • If you fear leeches, better be prepared, specially if you are planning to go to upper hunas falls hike
  • The primary rooms are small and you have the basic amenities. The view is the garden. But, highly recommended if you can go for a room in a upper floor for a better view.
  • The road to the hotel is uphill, and you may encounter few rabbits on the way
  • Better be arranged with sweaters, specially if you are travelling with kids, since sometimes it can be cold outside at night

That’s about Amaya Hunas Falls Review. Escape More !


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