In the year 2018, we visited Amaya Signature Resort at Dambulla. It is one of the most cherished properties in Sigiriya region. As soon as you enter Amaya Signature, everything looks exquisite. The luxurious property has all the amenities that you are looking forward to enjoy. So, here it is Amaya Signature Review.

Heart Warming Welcome

Note For starters, travellers must know that there are two properties within the same premises.  Amaya Signature and Amaya Lake. Guests have access to both the properties as there is no separate demarcation. The lobby area is the same and even the reservation is done from the same place. However, there is one major difference between the two. The architecture is different and the suites belong to Amaya Signature. The suites are located in a separate cluster.

The Lavish Rooms

The rooms are an amalgamation of suites and villas.

There are different types of suites which are akin to a lavish villa.  You can opt for Luxury Suite, Signature Premium Suite or the Family Suite.

Family suite is ideal for a larger family as it has interconnected rooms and is quite spacious. Well, we were happy in our suite. It had a rustic charm and the bathroom had a massive Jacuzzi for a romantic bath! Add some rose petals, get a glass of champagne for two and get into a deep conversation!

Jacuzzi for a Romantic Bath

All the basic amenities are provided and the luxury sofa is quite classy and comfortable.

As for the size of the suite, it is quite large. It had a balcony as well. We had some guests in the balcony as some ants were happily walking in a line. That’s because there are many trees around the property.

In the evening, we sat in the balcony and enjoyed the swaying of trees and the fresh air.

Food For Thought

Sri Lanka is known for its food and the use of fresh ingredients. When we made the booking, we had only opted for breakfast. However, Amaya Signature did not have the option of dinner buffet or breakfast buffet.

We got to know that Amaya lake buffet is also accessible for Amaya Signature Guests. Since the buffet option at Amaya Lake was quite alluring, we decided to have it there.

Unfortunately, the buffet at the restaurant was not as delectable. Considering the property is luxurious, we were expecting a lot more from the restaurant. However, different people have different tastes and you might just like it. The menu is extension and you can ask the staff to make the food as per your palate.

In case there is a special holiday or a large gathering within the hotel, it will be difficult to get the attention of the staff. However, the staff were helpful and catered to all our requirements.

Amaya Signature Pool

A Dip In The Pool

Amaya Signature has its own massive pool. To limit access to the pool, the staff ensures to take your room number. This is to avoid overcrowding of pool. Amaya Lake guests are not allowed to use this pool.

If you are booking Amaya Lake villa, you are not allowed to use the pool that belongs to Amaya Signature. There is a main pool as well which is accessible for guests of both the properties.

The Signature pool is surrounded by trees and there is ample of space to sit and enjoy a drink. The outdoor pool is lovely and one can take few laps for a good workout session in the morning or evening.

Pack Your Bags and Head To Amaya Signature

Other than spending quality time with your partner in the pool, Jacuzzi or the suite, you can also indulge in other activities. The resort can arrange a yoga session, boat ride tour, bird-watching tour, and palm reading.

There are hammocks hanging around the property and you have plenty of space to wander around. Tree houses are there for guests to relax enjoying view of the Kandalama Lake. It is a laid-back, tranquil and luxurious hotel with stellar architecture.

One of the Tree Houses at the premises

Rope gliding adventure is available at the Kandalama Lake. You can check with the hotel staff. They would be happy to guide you!

Jungle night camping can be arranged for adventure lovers. Isn’t it romantic too?

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Amaya Signature. Since we booked the stay through Agoda, we were able to book the suite with a meal plan. Breakfast was included. We requested the staff to serve us breakfast upon arrival. They were happy to arrange it for us!

So, now that you know about the pros and cons of the property, make a wise decision and have a wonderful trip.

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.17,000 (USD 90) Booked on bed and breakfast basis from Agoda
  • Visited in June 2019
  • Amaya Signature guests are allowed to use the facilities of Amaya Lake hotel also
  • Both Amaya Lake and Amaya Signature can be ideal for a family trip even with the children, where as Amaya Signature is more suitable for couples
  • You will have a lot of outdoor activities for relaxing. The pool table was also available with an additional fee

Hope you enjoyed the Amaya Signature Review. You may visit our other articles here.

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