As soon as a couple gets married, the equation changes. We have been together for years. The story began many years back! After understanding each other and falling in deep love, DuoEscapes couple took the BIG plunge. The word is ‘MARRIAGE.’ After the honeymoon, our first Sri Lankan destination was Athulya Villas. As we go back in time, allow us to share our experience at the premium property. Here is the Athulya Villas Review.

USP: Stellar location with comfortable cottages (with Jacuzzi).

Speaking of the location: Athulya Villas

Athulya Villas is located in Kandy. The private complex houses five gorgeous cottages and a massive heritage suite (We did not have this suite at that time). The location is strategic and quite mesmerizing. Thanks to the scenic view of the tropical plantation. As you may be aware, Sri Lanka’s higher altitudes consists of a blanket of tea gardens.

View from the room

Kandy houses the famous, ‘Temple of Tooth’ as well.

That’s where Athulya Villas is! You will get enthralled by the lush greenery around you. Majestic coconut trees and a dense forest welcome you to the property.

We took a train to reach the property. After reaching Pilimathalawa, an ancient village (specifically known for its brassware), our excitement could not be contained.

Don’t blame us! We were just two happy love birds.

From the station, we took a tuk-tuk to head to the hotel. Imagine the beautiful view from the train window! We had an eyeful. Since it was our first Sri Lankan trip after our marriage, we were supremely excited. Well, we continue to be in our ‘honeymoon phase’, but we still cherish the good memories.

A Little Bit of Background

The property was initially a ‘Walawwa’.

Walawwas are basically an ancient and traditional home. It is a massive property, but they the architects have turned it into a reception building with newly constructed private villas.

See how we looked in 2016 at Athulya Villas Reception

Fortunately, the villas are separate from the main area. This ensures privacy and lot of space to prance around with your partner. In other words, the hotel is perfect for honeymoon couples. On second thoughts, it is good for a couple, families, or even solo travellers.

Entrance to the villa

Please note that there are no separate demarcations between the different villas. But, the villas are totally covered. Since the garden is not separate and semi-covered, the garden is not as private.

The view from the front is of a village and a mountain. So, you would be pleased to hear the sound of nature.

We also had a visit to the nearby village

Enjoying Our Happy Meal

We started our trip with a sumptuous lunch. There is an elaborate a-la-carte menu!

Even though it was basic, but the taste was good. We ordered the dinner from a-la-carte menu. Once again, it was basic. They have a mix of Sri Lanka cuisine and different types of Western cuisines.

Since we went for bed ‘n’ breakfast option, we had a buffet breakfast spread. The breakfast options were not as elaborate, but the staff was kind enough to offer us extra meal items (as per our personal preferences).

One word for the food – LOVELY!

The taste of the food was beyond our expectations.

Enter Our Romantic Villa

We had booked a villa with a Jacuzzi. The room was comfortable, but the Jacuzzi had a leakage. Thankfully, the staff was prompt with their service and came to fix it.

Since we needed the Jacuzzi, we did not mind them entering our villa two to three times. Yes, the leakage got fixed and we were able to use the romantic Jacuzzi.

Exploring The Surroundings

Since we visited the property in the year 2016, a building near swimming pool was under construction. Fortunately, the pool is ready and is accessible for use.

Swimming Pool

They have a wonderful garden where you can click Insta-worthy pictures. Plus, it is lush and green all through! Apart from a happy walk in the garden, we also went to the nearby village. It is a quaint little garden where you can enjoy fully!

If you are wondering whether the property offers any activities, then yes, it does offer some table games.

To sum it up….

Thanks to our friend who told us about this property!

The DuoEscapes couple would recommend it to any couple who are beginning their marital journey. If you are someone who wants to begin exploring Sri Lanka, start your journey from Athulya Villas.

They have improved their surroundings and services. Plus, you can enjoy the swimming pool to the fullest.

Villas at Athulya Villas

We would give a thumbs up to the very first property, we visited in Sri Lanka (after marriage).

We would love to hear about your first trip after marriage. How was it? Share your experience in the comments section! Until then, keep reading about our adventures and share these stories with your loved ones too.

Points to Note: Athulya Villas

  • Price: Rs.8,000 (USD 50) Booked on Double Bed and Breakfast Basis
  • Visited in October 2016
  • This is a perfect place if you are planning to start your villa hunting
  • Highly worth the price with the indoor Jacuzzi provided specially for honeymooners

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