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A Little Paradise In Yala –Chena Huts by UGA Escapes Review

‘Let’s celebrate the joys of today, the hopes of tomorrow, and the memories of yesterday.’ Here is our experience at the most expensive hotel in Sri Lanka: Chena Huts by UGA Escapes review.

We usually head out for a trip or enjoy a sumptuous and romantic meal at a beautiful restaurant on our anniversary. In the year 2019, we headed to Chena Huts by Uga Escapes. As you are aware, Yala National Park is one of the most-visited and beautiful national parks in the island nation.

So, we thought of heading out and celebrating our anniversary amidst the wild.

An All-Inclusive Sojourn by Uga Escapes

Uga Escapes chain is always happy to offer an all-inclusive tour. They were offering a package which had a safari tour at Yala, meals, and the accommodation. But, we did not take this up because it was off-season for safari tours.

Note – Sri Lanka experiences two monsoon seasons, so plan your trip accordingly. Ideally, head to Yala in the month of December through April. The dry season is the best to visit Yala, especially because the animals come out for a swig of water.

But, we went for the full-board which included the mini bar and other exciting facilities.

First Impressions Are Always Great At Uga Escapes Properties

Since we are avid travellers, we know that Uga Escapes cannot go wrong with the architecture, interiors, and overall hospitality.

We started early in the morning from Colombo and reached the property by 11 A.M. The first impression was great as usual. We already knew that Uga always delivers their promises and claims.

There is an ‘UGA’ tradition of writing something on their board and putting a flag. We enjoy these little gestures of making the guest feel welcomed.

Heading to the Unique Villas


Our villa was in a very unique (and peculiar) shape. Perhaps that is the selling point of the property. But, there is a private pool within the villa that makes the stay wonderful.

View from the room

We could see the ocean from our room and the plunge pool. The large deck is extremely satisfying and welcome.

There is a lot of space inside the room. Moreover, the bathroom is open and gorgeous. There is no hard separation between the living/sleeping space and the bathroom.

Well, the bathroom is interesting and luxurious. It had a bathtub and all the modern fittings that we expect in a luxurious property.

The bathtub and shower area are separate. Basically, one can enjoy the bathtub and the other can enjoy the shower.

Since we visited in a particular season (humid to be precise), we felt the heat. Although there is air-conditioning, but we felt hot even inside the room. Blame it on the season, friends!

You will note that the designer has used a lot of wooden furnishing within the villa. It looks quite regal and comfortable.

Yummy in our Tummy

Once again, Uga Escapes proved to us that they are excellent in every aspect. Since we had a full-board booking, the meals were included.

The presentation of the food was great, and the taste was amazing.

Fill your tummy

We also had access to the mini bar. We were happy to drink the soft drinks and other types of beverages. The staff was happy to stock up the bar whenever we finished the drinks.

Concluding Thoughts

 The location of the property is excellent. Sometimes, you can spot little animals entering the boundary, but they are harmless.

Main swimming pool of the hotel

The overall infrastructure and the attitude of the staff is very good. Basically, Uga Escapes chain of hotels never fail to impress us. We will forever be a loyal guest at their hotels! So, yes, we recommend it to all the people who are looking for luxury, a comfortable stay, an amazing Ocean view, and great food. Try and go to the property in dry season to enjoy the safari tour.

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Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.75,000 (USD 400). Direct Booking through the hotel on all inclusive basis without safari. We were lucky enough to get an excellent offer.
  • Visited in September 2019 for our anniversary
  • Chena Huts by Uga Escapes is the closest luxury hotel situated in the border of the Yala National Park
  • Usually the hotel rates are very high. If anyone is planning to try this out, you may look for the occasional offer
  • If you are planning to stay only one night, we would recommend to omit the safari, since you have plenty of things to explore in the room and the property.

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