The Elephant Corridor Hotel Review

Sigiriya was once used as a monastery, and then it was inhabited by royalty. If you ever read Sri Lanka’s history books, you would get deeply interested in the past. Sigiriya continues to be a subject of interest. Travellers from all across the globe visit the site to get a good look at the historical marvel.

Well, we are lucky that we were born and brought up in Sri Lanka. But, as a married couple, we get to see the world from a different lens. A warm hello to our new and old readers!

Since we are keen travellers, they keep searching for interesting hotel deals. So, they were doing a search in Agoda and came across a property called, ‘Elephant Corridor.’ Interesting name, right? So, here is the Elephant Corridor Hotel Review.

For starters….

The property is located at a stellar place. Sigiriya is also the 8th wonder of the world.

View of Sigiriya from the entrance

The USP of the property is that it is massive. You can truly experience the best of nature inside the Elephant Corridor. Perhaps the name signifies the gigantic or massive space inside.

On second thoughts, there is a large lake and thirsty elephants usually come here for a swig of water or a happy bath. Everyone knows about their love for water!

Say Hello To Our Luxurious Plunge Pool Villa

There are twenty two cabin suites here (individual)  and each of them consists of a super private veranda, private plunge pool, and a grand private entrance. This is a chance for you to find your private oasis!

Our room was spacious, and it had a separate spaces for everything. The bedroom is separate, and so is the coffee-making space.

The living area and the bed are quite close to each other. There is ample of furniture in the room as compared to other hotels. In the backside of the room, we had a mini plunge pool. There is a huge mattress kept next to it to spend a relaxing time.

The backyard houses a coffee table too wherein you can spend quality chit-chat time with your companion.

The bathroom has separate spaces too. There is a bathroom, a sink area, a big bathtub, and the shower area. The shower and the roof above it are quite intriguing. We had a fun time showering here! DuoEscapes couple loves a good bathroom, and this was certainly impressive.

The Glitch: The backside of the villa is not as private. It overlooks another villa and we could see their plunge pool as well. Fortunately, the other villa was not occupied so we got our private space.

Enter The Main Swimming Pool: The Elephant Corridor Hotel Review

The pool is towards the end of the property. One has to walk some from the lobby area.

It is a large pool! Don’t forget to check out the lion statue whose mouth is used as a fountain. The aesthetics are nice at the pool area.

Moreover, there is a spa near the pool. You can indulge in a long and happy massage here.

Burning Additional Calories

Apart from burning calories with your partner, you can make good use of the bicycle available at no cost. Just ask the staff for the cycle and explore the surroundings. You will get a good workout after a satisfactory meal!

Reviewing The Elephant Corridor Hotel’s Food

We are foodies by nature and our tummies were rumbling. Sadly, the food is not as satisfactory. But, you can find food outlets around the area. The meals will be cheaper and tastier.

Perhaps the hotel can improve the quality and taste of the food. That’s what we missed at this ultra luxurious hotel!

The restaurant area is good-looking, but the interior designer could have utilized the space in a constructive manner.

Concluding Thoughts: The Elephant Corridor Hotel Review

Mini man made waterfall inside the property

Apart from chilling in your own plunge pool, cycling around, and clicking pictures, you could also enjoy watching the water streams. Walk till the helipad to get clicked or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

To conclude, the hotel is certainly luxurious, space, and beautiful. The private plunge pool, bathtub, luxurious amenities, and the impressive pool makes it an amazing pick.

However, we would recommend travellers to eat outside. The food failed to impress foodies like us.

The property needs to work on their menu and the taste of the food. Apart from that, everything was perfect.

Overall, we would recommend it to couples, and a group of friends. Happy holidaying!

Points to Note: The Elephant Corridor Hotel Review

  • Price: Rs.14,000 (USD 75) booked on double bed and breakfast basis through Agoda
  • Visited in April 2019
  • The resort is huge which is common in most Sigiriya hotels
  • The rooms are also spacious with a mini plunge pool towards the backside

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