Ella Jungle Resort Review

The sound of the waterfall and the stellar jungle views is something we were looking forward to at the Ella Jungle Resort. In this post, we shall review one of the hotels we stayed at on our five-day tour. You know the name already!

So, we planned a five-day tour, and Ella Jungle Resort was the first stop. Before we move on to the review, let’s tell you something about the hotel. Let’s read more on Ella Jungle resort Review

Located in Uwa Karadagolla, Ella, this particular property received the ‘Best Host Hotel Adventure’ Award in the year 2010.

Hotel Surrounding

It is surrounded by a waterfall, a lush jungle, and gushing streams. The resort sits on 150 acres of land, and there are many spots wherein you would find the most stunning views.

Take a look at the Ella Jungle Resort review before making a decision.

A Fun Drive Followed By An Adventurous Welcome

We took the scenic route of Southern Expressway to reach the heavenly resort Ella Jungle Resort. Road trips are fun, especially when the couple has so much to talk about.

We thoroughly enjoyed the road trip, and the staff of the hotel were kind enough to guide us all through until reaching the property.

After reaching the property, we had to park our car at the main road. There is a restaurant towards the main road (Cafe on the Bend), and so the parking is quite safe.

The hotel staff received us at the cafe. We thought that the jeep would take us to the hotel, but we were taken to a cable car instead. This is the only hotel that takes you to the property in a cable car! So, the start of the trip was exciting as we could witness some stellar views.

Cable Car to the Property

The representative welcomed us with some traditional drinks. Then, of course, the usual introduction started and we were taken to our room. Keep reading our review for more info.

Basic Villas With A Gorgeous View

Ella Jungle Resort offers three types of rooms – chalets, cottage, and cabin.

Jungle Chalets that we stayed in

There are a total of 6 Eco Jungle cottages, 16 spacious chalets, and 6 eco-cabins available at the property.

We have been married for several years, but we absolutely recommend it to the enthusiastic honeymooners. On second thoughts, we are never out of the ‘honeymoon’ mode.

There is another category – farm villas, but these are not functional as of yet.

There are two villas in one building, and we got the upper floor since the view is better from here.

Well, don’t expect air conditioning facilities here. The weather is unpredictable, and you might feel the heat pinch in the afternoon. Sometimes, the cooler provided in the room is not enough, but the weather turns pleasant by night.

Usually the rooms in other properties are fully covered, but this one had an open space. The space between the wall and the room is open. Even though we did not face any problem, there is a possibility that an animal or an insect might enter the space.

Although nothing is fancy about the bathroom, but there is running hot water to take a warm bath. We personally enjoyed the private moments and the view.

Overall, the villa was not extravagant, but we were happy with the glass windows, view, and being amidst Mother Nature.

Balcony overlooking the river

Organic Food at Its Best

There was a set menu at the hotel. So, the Ella Jungle Resort serves organic vegetarian food. It was a good break from all the lavish food we eat at hotel. Although there was not much of a variety, but we enjoyed the food. It was delicious, freshly prepared, and healthy.

Things You Can Do In And Around The Property

Apart from spending time with your beloved, you can indulge in harvesting wild bee honey. There are waterfall adventures nearby and a zipper line/monkey rope activity for adventure lovers. The three bridges are excellent for zip lining activities.

Hanging Bridge

We went for a waterfall trek that lasted for 2.5 hours (both ways). Once we reached the wondrous waterfall, the guide showed us a pond where we can swim without any apprehensions. In fact, he even showed us a spot from where we can jump into the pond.

Water fall

Moving on, we explored the property and found some excellent spots to click pictures. The hotel has a lot of space and some of it is not utilized. We were happy to sit and relax within the property.

 Concluding Thoughts

Exploring the Warakara Waterfall, and staying in one of the quaint villas got us in a reflective mood. We thought that getting disconnected from the city life can be extremely rejuvenating.

The property was beautiful (no luxuries), but we were happy to be amidst Mother Nature. It is highly recommended for honeymoon couples, adventure-enthusiasts, and even peace lovers.

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.18,000 (USD 100) Direct booking on double half board basis
  • Visited in October 2020
  • The hotel is separated from the main city area and the availability of phone signals is very limited.
  • Make sure to contact the hotel before arriving at the pickup point. The 4×4 journey to the cable cart is steep down hill and will take around 10-15 minutes
  • The hotel serves delicious vegetarian food only
  • The room is very basic and do not expect the luxury facilities at the room. No coffee making facilities and air conditioning available. Also temperature here is changing rapidly; can be very hot in the afternoon and can be freezing cold at night (specially since the room is open)
  • Cable car and water fall experience are unique experiences at the hotel

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