Habarana Village Review

Welcome back to Duo Escapes. We want to thank you all for being part of our journey. So, this time we planned something exciting and unique. The group trip consisted of our family members. I never thought that January 2020 could be so happening. 

While we were going through the list of hotels, one name caught my eyes, and that was Habarana Village by Cinnamon. Such an appealing name, isn’t it? The most valuable spice of Sri Lanka is Cinnamon, which is very well known for its warm aroma and pleasant flavor. Similarly, the Habarana Village by Cinnamon offers an enjoyable and rejuvenating experience. So, here is Habarana Village Review.

Massive Garden Area

Our Magical Encounters

The Duo Escapes couple reached the Habarana with family on the weekend. Our group included two cute kids as well. Talking about the villas, they were not very spacious, but they were beautifully designed and had a delightful ambiance. 

The architecture reflects the simplicity of village life. The contemporary look and cordial atmosphere were simply awe-inspiring. The hotel had all the essence of the village and wonderfully infused the local vibe to it. 

The property also had a pool area, treehouse for children, sitting arrangements near the lake, and open fields. Kids had a blast, and there was a fun pool for kids too. We clicked a lot of pictures and created beautiful memories. 


Moving on, we enjoyed the buffet for breakfast and dinner. As we mentioned before, the food was indeed a treat for our tummies. Since it was the weekend, Cinnamon hotel also organized a musical band night. What a night! We danced our hearts out. Foot-tapping music makes us happy, and even the kids were overjoyed with the whole experience. 

We adore hearty meals around the lake. The hotel staff was courteous, friendly, and the hospitality was excellent. Habarana Village facilities include a minibar, cable TV, safe, jacuzzi, bathrobes, twin room, and bathtubs. Basically, it houses everything that a luxury hotel provides. 

Up Close & Personal With Nature at Habarana Village

The property has rich, lush forest land contoured by the lake. The Duo Escapes couple loved strolling around the lake, holding hands, and encountering the beauty of Mother Nature. The warm sunshine, fizzling leaves, magical encounters, and smiling faces were all that one could imagine. 

Being adjacent to Kaudulla National Park adds one more reason to visit Habarana Village by Cinnamon. This property has approximately 1700 trees and 130 species of birds. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

It is also a perfect place for wildlife photographers and bird watchers. As we woke up in the morning, we could hear the sweet chirping of birds. What a great way to start the day! 

Exploring Fun activities

Imagine hot air ballooning in the early hours and adoring the daybreak. Well, you can experience this magical moment on this property. They also organize safari, and kids love it.

 We also loved watching the beautiful sunset. 

The Famous Annual Elephant Gathering 

July to September is the time when you see the largest gathering of Asian Elephants near the property. It is believed this event is the largest gathering in the world. 

You can witness the magnificence of elephants. This reminds us that almost 300 elephants come together for an annual gathering at Minneriya National Park in July. I wonder what they talk about! 

Concluding thoughts: Habarana Village Review

Habarana Village by Cinnamon is a perfect place for hosting small gatherings, honeymoon, family holidays, wedding, and business meetings. If you are planning to visit with kids, this is a wonderful place to be. 

Our Family

The environment is so neat and clean. The calm environment rejuvenates the soul and fosters inspired living. Being a foodie couple, we declare the food was finger-licking good. 

We feel inspired by writing about our experience, and I hope you will feel the same.

Points to Note: Habarana Village Review

  • Price: LKR 10,500 (USD 550) for half board double, booked directly contacting the hotel
  • Visited in January 2020
  • The hotel is perfect for a family get away and even for a romantic one
  • Cinnamon lodge is also sharing the same premises, where there is not specific border. Garden and surroundings can be shared for both the hotels.

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