Haritha Villas Review

As an ardent travel couple, we look for spaces that are unique, luxurious, and offer a private setting. After visiting the Heritance property in Negombo, we headed to Haritha Villas & Spa. As the name suggests, the property consists of beautiful villas and there is also a spa to unwind and relax. The property is perched on a little hill and is nestled under lush trees. Looking at the pictures and wanting a change of scenery, we headed to this property with high expectations. Was it a worthwhile experience for us? Keep reading the Haritha Villas Review to find out how it went!

Reception Area

A Quick Sneak Peek by Duo Escapes Couple

The boutique hotel has a minimalistic design, and they focus on privacy and comfort. There are very few villas in this property and each of them consists of a private plunge pool. As you are aware, we enjoy staying in villas with a good view (and a plunge pool).

There are four categories of rooms –

  • Contemporary Villas
  • Colonial Mansion (1 bedroom)
  • Colonial Mansion (2 bedroom)
  • Colonial Mansions (1+2 bedroom)

The 1+2 bedroom can accommodate at least six people and extra beds are chargeable. The contemporary villa is perfect for two people.

All of them offer a beautiful jungle view which is exciting to see. It makes you feel like you are far away from all the hustle bustle.

All about the location

Even though this property is located in Hikkaduwa, it is not next to the beachside. Once you enter the Haritha Villas, you feel like you are in a forest.

We were thrilled to be here because the property was surrounded by lush greenery. Sometimes it’s good to break free from city lights and explore the woods.

A Personalized & Luxurious Experience at Haritha Villas

Once we checked in, the staff took us to the villa. We were given a villa master or what you call a ‘butler’ in layman language. The villa master is responsible for getting us anything we want. They make sure that your stay is comfortable and that all your needs are met. Impressive!

Contemporary Villa

When we reached the villa, our villa master explained us everything about the room and the facilities we can enjoy in the property.

  • The room:

The villa has ample of space and you get natural light in the room (thanks to the glass sides). When you enter the bathroom space from your room, you find that there’s no door. It seems like the property owners don’t want couples to stay away from each other (not even for a minute). However, one can access the bathroom from outside as well and this one has a door.

The Bathroom
  • Goodies included:

Who doesn’t love complimentary goodies? The hotel gave us some chocolates, and local and exotic fruits. This was a great gesture because guests enjoy complimentary goodies inside the room.

  • Privacy:

Even though all the villas are close to each other, you still get a sense of privacy (especially for the private plunge pool area).

The villa from inside

Food for thought

We enjoyed the food, but there is something we noticed. The menu deemed fit for foreign guests. The taste was amazing and the food choice was good too, but the price is too high. Perhaps they have set the price as per foreign guests, but we felt it was a little pricey.

No More Splashing in the Pool

As you are aware, after the pandemic, it is not allowed to swim in a common pool. The property has a stunning pool area but it was not operational due to COVID health protocol.

Main Pool

Nonetheless, we enjoyed our private pool and were happy to see the jungle view.

Plunge Pool

Drawbacks of the property

Even though the property is beautiful, there were some concerns that we would like to highlight.

  • The air conditioner is positioned in such a way that the air does not reach the people sleeping on the bed.
  • Price of food is expensive.

Was it a worthwhile experience?

Now that you are aware of the positive and negative aspects, we can conclude this review with our final thoughts.

As a couple, we enjoyed the privacy, the view, and the plunge pool. Food was delectable (but a little expensive).

It was a much-needed break for us and we absolutely enjoyed our experience at Haritha Villas Hikkaduwa. Overall, we would like to give it four thumbs up – two from Nadika and two from Sanjanee.

Main Pool and Paddy View

Points to Note: Haritha Villas Review

  • Price: LKR 29,900 (USD 150) on double Bed and Breakfast Basis for a Contemporary Villa
  • Visited in Jan 2021
  • There are Mansions also, which are located at a higher elevations than the Contemporary Villa
  • If you are booking a Contemporary Villa, try to book a villa towards the corner facing, so that you will have direct view of the paddy field/jungle
  • The room can be a little hot in the afternoon, since the provided A/C is not adequate plus it is not directed to the bed

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