Heritance Kandalama Review

Have you ever been on an unplanned journey? We, at DuoEscapes, have had several adventures. One of those adventures included heading to this beautiful hotel. Read on our Heritance Kandalama Review.

Well, here’s an interesting story of how we landed at this amazing hotel.

Once upon a time, Nadika and Sanjanee were set to travel to a different property at Dambulla area. As they reached, they realized that the property was not as per the expectations. In an hour, the duo decided they did not want to stay at the average property.

As they parked the car outside the property, the duo discussed whether they should head back to Colombo or find another property to stay. That’s where the adventure begins!

We called up all the resorts in Dambulla region including Amaya Signature, Amaya Lake, and Jetwing Lake. Finally, the duo made up their mind to head to Amaya Signature. As we took a turn, a sudden thought cropped up our minds.

”How about going to Kandalama Hotel, honey?”

Why not?

Do you identify a Hotel here?

Heritance Kandalama Hotel Reservation

Without any reservation, we headed to this wonderful property. It was well past afternoon and we were thinking about all the disadvantages. The duo (Nadika and Sanjanee) believe that late check-in is a big disadvantage. We always start early to reach the property right on time!

Tip #1 For Avid Travellers In case you are heading to Kandalama, make the reservation online. The website has the most reasonable price as compared to the desk rates.

We walked into the hotel without any reservation. As we asked about the rates of the different categories of rooms, we realized that the online rates are cheaper. Even though we walked into the hotel without a reservation and found the prices steep, we book the room online while sitting at the lobby area.

For a hotel, guests are considered precious. Why wouldn’t they keep you on a pedestal?

The staff of Kandalama Hotel were friendly and kind enough to let us choose the method of booking. Good for us!

The Check-In Process at Kandalama Hotel

Kandalama Hotel has a beautiful lobby.

Once the check-in process is done, the guests have to wait at the lobby till the room is ready.

We were taken to a separate part of the hotel where we could view one of the three pools. What a view!

Infinity Pool at Kandalama

The staff handed over the welcome drinks and a wet towel. In any other property, you will get the welcome drinks and towel in a usual way. But, at Kandalama, we were shifted to a separate place and even the welcome drinks and wet towel were given to us in a unique way.

Moreover, the presentation was unique and it caught our eye! When you are in Kandalama, the instant realization is that you are amidst lush greenery. The architecture will sweep you off the floor. What’s so striking about it? Let’s talk more about it in the next section!

Striking Architecture Of Kandalama Hotel

Architecture mesmerized us. Note: Geoffrey Bawa is the man behind the architecture.

Despite all the challenges, Geoffrey Bawa was able to create a stellar structure. We heard the whole story of what challenges the architect had to face and its rich history. It was quite interesting!

The hotel has two wings – Sigiriya Wing and Dambulla Wing.

View of Sigiriya from Kandalama

Majority of the rooms that are located in Sigiriya Wing have a view of the Sigiriya Rock. The rooms that are in Dambulla Wing, they get a different view. One could get a lake view or a forest view. The choice is yours! Actually, it also depends on availability.

Note – Kandalama Hotel is one of the largest and also the longest hotel in Sri Lanka.

Nature has been integrated in the architectural process. Few of the spaces in the hotel have untouched rocks! During the construction, the workers did not eradicate the rocks. Well, to be honest, it looks quite unique and beautiful.

Entering Our Comfortable Space

We booked a basic category room at the Dambulla Wing. Even though it was from the basic category, but every room is unique.

Guests get all the comfort within this room. All the luxury amenities are provided.

Enter the washroom and you get a shower cubicle with a glass that overlooks the  greenery outside. Wouldn’t it be nice if one could bathe and watch birds flying high up in the sky?

As you enter the room, you will find that lush greenery right outside. It was a visual treat for sore eyes! We enjoyed the green view. On second thoughts, Sri Lanka is blessed with nature’s best. Anywhere you go, you will find heavenly views that satisfy the soul.

Monkeys Paradise

Warning: The staff asked us to keep the windows shut. There are wild animals outside and they are smart enough. The animals know how to unlock the windows! Don’t worry about your precious belonging, the animals are interested in the food in your room.

Nothing against the animals! We are animal-lovers and enjoy watching exotic birds and majestic wild animals. But, they create a lot of mess once you give them full access to the room.

Once we visited the property with our parents and they forgot to lock the windows. As they came back, monkeys had stolen the food from the room. Another instance was when we left a birthday cake inside the room and left the glass windows open, the monkeys enjoyed the cake and celebrated their long-due birthday.

About the room we stayed in, we got a feeling of being in an ancient palace. The comfort is at optimum, but the interiors have a touch of nature. Perhaps they wanted to focus on ‘nature’ theme. 

Everything about the room was perfect! Now, let’s step outside the room and explore the surroundings.

Greenery At Its Best : Best Thing about Kandalama Hotel Review

Since it is a large property, you will get a number of unique experiences within. There is a separate part where there is a massive garden. Sri Lanka houses some of the most beneficial herbs! Kandalama has their own herbs garden. Additionally, the staff uses their self-harvested vegetables and fruits. You will find most of the important and prevalent fruits of Sri Lanka in this garden.

Fresh ingredients are used for preparing the delicious dishes in the kitchen. Overall, you will find greenery at its best! Looking out of the window, you find bushes and trees. Walking around the property, the trees and plants give plenty of shade.

Looking for a demonstration of how they purify water? It is possible at Kandalama Hotel.

Basically, you can be close to nature and even learn the method of purifying water. The staff takes you to the tank and showcase how they purify the water. On our second stay, we got the opportunity to learn about the purification process.

A Light And Happy Dinner

Since it was a sudden decision to stay at Kandalama, we thought of opting for a-la-carte. There are four different restaurants in the hotel.

We chose the one which had an interesting a-la-carte menu. One of the things we ordered was baked fish and it was quite fresh and succulent. Full points for the presentation! After all, it is a luxury hotel and is one of the finest in Sri Lanka.

We kept it light! As we had checked in quite late. Overall, we enjoyed the dinner and were excited about all the other activities the hotel had to offer.

Note – The second dinner with our family members, we chose the buffet. Yes, the buffet was lavish and had many items. The presentation was perfect and we enjoyed trying out different dishes. It’s always fun to try out a new cuisine!

Wish to know what happened the next day?

Head to the Need For Adventure Part 2 of Kandalama Hotel Review. Best is yet to come!

Points to Note: Heritance Kandalama Review

  • Price: Rs.19,000 (Booked on Double Bed and Breakfast Basis through the website)
  • Visited in January 2019
  • One of the best hotel type property in Sri Lanka for couples
  • Usually the hotel arrange musical events, magic shows and various events for guests to enjoy
  • One of the best and largest buffets in Sri Lanka
  • Must visit destination for hotel lovers

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