Heritance Negombo Review

Last minute plans have been a ritual for us. Every time we plan on taking a vacation, we book the hotel at the last moment. However, this time there was a change in the way we booked our trip. Usually, we call the hotel or check offers on different travel portals. But this time we got in touch with a travel agent for the quick getaway.

So, we planned to go for a two-day getaway and our first stop was Heritance Negombo. The location is stellar – the property sits on the beach and is very close to the airport. So, here comes the Heritance Negombo Review!

Are you waiting for us to disclose the details? Well, there is so much more you need to know. Here is a complete Heritance Negombo Review for you. Is it worth it? You will find out in this article.

Hotel Reception Area

A Deal You Can’t Say No To

We got the room at a very competitive price. Well, it was the same price at another place but the travel agent informed us that we can get some additional compliments without paying an extra penny.

The deal was: the hotel would give an upgrade of room (subject to availability). Well, we paid a basic price but our room got upgraded to the highest category. It was a deal we couldn’t say no to.

Once we reached the property, the check-in was smooth and we did not face any trouble.

Experience the Beach Life

As soon as you open the balcony, you can get a stellar view of the beach. It’s blue, bright, and the warm sunrays fill your senses.

View from the room

Usually, travelers stay at this hotel because it is very close to the airport. Look closely – you might even witness a plane passing through the water body.

A Snug Room with Basic Amenities

Although the hotel is large, but the room is not as big. If you are staying here for a short-term basis, we would recommend this hotel.

Our tiny little room

What we really liked about the room is the segregation within the room. The bathroom is segregated with a wall – you don’t really feel like there is a bathroom in the room. The same goes for the bathroom interiors – the wet area and dry area are segregated. Water doesn’t reach the dry area so that was very impressive.


Food for thought

Only Breakfast Meal was included in our plan so we took our lunch on our own. For breakfast, we went to the restaurant situated opposite to our hotel.

Our suggestion is to explore the surroundings or consider taking a package that includes meals.


Pandemic Madness

Due to the pandemic, the hotel is not fully operational. There are some restrictions such as usage of pool. We could enjoy the view of the pool, but it would have been amazing if we could jump into it and enjoy the splash.

The staff is abiding by all the safety measures. They were friendly, warm, and took really good care of us. All the COVID guidelines are being followed.

So, if you want to go for a quick getaway and take a break from the monotonous life, we would recommend you this hygienic hotel. You must go here for the view because the beach is beautiful.

Pristine Beach

In case your goal is to relax and forget about pandemic madness, choose Heritance Negombo.

Points to Note

  • Price: LKR 14,000 (USD 70), booked on Bed and Breakfast Basis double through Aitken Spence Travel Agent
  • Visited in January 2021
  • The hotel is a luxury large hotel, by the Negombo beach side and is very close Bandaranayake International Airport

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