Jetwing Kaduruketha Review

As a couple, we enjoy travelling to ‘off-beat’ destinations. Some couples choose the obvious options, but we are always ready for an adventure. We’ll reveal our Jetwing Kaduruketha Review.

Speaking of off-beat adventures, we planned a five-day trip. And, we decided to add an off-beat destination to the list. Well, it is not exactly off-beat, but not a lot of travellers choose that destination.

Kaduruketha was on our list – the 2nd property of our 5-day tour. It is located in Wellawaya.  Before booking our room here, we had our share of doubts.

Wellawaya is located 3 to 4 hours away from Colombo, the commercial capital. There is a laid-back vibe, and lush greenery that surrounds this sleepy town. We had our doubts whether we should visit this destination or not because it is overlooked by a majority of local travellers. By the way, we thought it is a dry area, but as soon as we reached, the bubble of misconception popped.


The Booking Experience

We called the hotel staff for the reservation. They informed that this particular season was not ideal for paddy harvest because that phase had already passed. Well, our plan was to get the view of the paddy field. But, nonetheless, we booked the Wel Vidana villa that gives a stellar view of the paddy field.

Overall, the booking experience was good. All our queries were answered promptly, and the staff were knowledgeable as well. They make sure that we can visualize the hotel prior to our booking, so they sent us small video clips of the hotel. Our only concern was the following – Will we like the property and the destination? You will find out through this.

Entering Our Cute Villa

Wel Vidana Paddy View Villa

There are a total of 10 Wel Vidana Paddy Field View Villas in the property. The other villas face the forest. These plush villas are built with bamboo, and have a rustic decor.

Even though the paddy harvest season came to an end, we still enjoyed a ‘green’ view. Please note that this villa does not have air-conditioning. We did not feel the need to have an air conditioner. There were fans – inside and outside.

Verandah and View from the room

Each of these villas have a private verandah. This was a perfect spot for us!

The best part is, our villa had a semi open bathroom, we loved it, and the toilet area and wash basin area have a roof.

Blown Away By The Delicious Food

Kaduruketha’s hospitality is exceptional. During our stay, we had a set menu to order from. This was beyond our expectations because the food and the presentation both were exceptional.

Since this was not a buffet, the hotel staff were prompt in asking us whether we want more portions.

It’s a good gesture considering some people have a greater appetite. As we mentioned before, the food and hospitality are A+ at Jetwing properties.

The Surprise Element

Nadika is such an adorable husband! Considering it was a birthday getaway, Nadika called the hotel staff and asked them to make a special birthday cake for Me.

Well, great love stories always have a caring and thoughtful man. Nadika is all that and more! Here’s a big shoutout for Jetwing properties for making my birthday extra special. Not only was the cake delicious, but the gesture was ultra-sweet.

Reviewing The Fantastic Amenities

There is a long swimming pool that boasts of a lovely view. It is ideal for a photo shoot. If you are up for an adventure, head to Kirindi Oya for a snorkelling session (or even a bath). The hotel can arrange this wonderful adventure for you.

Moreover, couples and families can indulge in a paddy field walk or even a village walk. It is quite calming and rejuvenating.

Overall, Nadika and I had a wonderful time at Jetwing Kaduruketha. The moral of the story is – always clear your doubts and head to the unknown destinations. You might just get a pleasant surprise!

Open Bathroom: Our Favourite

Points to Note: Jetwing Kaduruketha Review

  • Price: LKR 18,000 (USD 100), booked a Wel Vidana Room through hotel website on half board basis
  • Visited in October 2020
  • The difference between Wel Vidana room and Arachchi room is the availability of open bathroom at Wel Vidana rooms
  • This is a must visit destination and can be recommended for two nights
  • Each villa is allocated with a bicycle, which you can use to travel around the property free of charge.
  • Don’t forget to take a bath at Kirindi Oya (Small river bordering the property)

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