Jetwing Vil Uyana Review

‘In life, it’s not where you go. It’s who you go with!’

Marrying a travel enthusiast comes with extra benefits! Nadika and Sanjanee are avid travellers, and they believe in showcasing their love through ‘surprise tours’. Well, Nadika planned a surprise tour for Sanjanee YET AGAIN! Totally unaware of the adventure, Sanjanee was excited to reach the destination.

Gear up for an elaborate property review! We have covered all the details about our stay at in Jetwing Vil Uyana Review. Before we tell you more about the property, here’s a quick story.

”As usual this was a surprise for me. I was not aware of the second hotel that we would stay in! The first day Nadika and I stayed at another luxury property in Dambulla. So, we went to Sigiriya road and then headed to the direct road that takes us to Jetwing Viluyana. I had no idea that he’s taking me there! He’s wonderful!

When we parked the car and the hotel staff picked us up in a cart, I was wondering whether we are going to the right place or not. After we reached the lobby, we were sceptical as to where we are! I was totally unaware of Nadika’s plan. For a moment, I thought that he’s playing a prank. Well, you can only trust the husband, right? I saw one ancient-looking building. As soon as we stepped inside the building, I knew that this is going to be a great tour! I looked at Nadika and he knew that he’s managed to sweep me off my feet. What a wonderful surprise!”

 – Sanjanee

  • Property: Jetwing Vil Uyana
  • Location: Inamaluwa, Sigiriya
  • USP: Villas with private plunge pool, green space, and satisfying food

Welcome To Jetwing Vil Uyana Review

The main lobby area has some special corners wherein they plan tours for the guests. You can find a travel desk, the reservation desk, and fortunately, we found a library too. The , but there is an open space to read books. Feel the wind, breathe peacefully, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. When couples are out for a getaway, book-reading doesn’t make sense! We just wanted to enjoy each other’s company.

Jetwing Vil Uyana Library Area for relaxation

Exploring The Space

You can find the main swimming pool and the main restaurant around here. The upper floor is reserved for the main restaurant. At the ground floor, you will find the massive swimming pool.

When Jetwing Vil Uyana circulated promotional pictures of their property, it certainly looked good. Here’s the good news: the property looks better in real!

The swimming pool overlooks the lush greenery and a water body. It looks surreal in the evening! Additionally, the upper floor has a restaurant where they serve lip-smacking food. Plus, the view is spectacular!

Heading To Our Lavish Villa – Forest Dwelling

There are different types of villas; Garden dwelling, Marsh dwelling without pool, Marsh dwelling with pool, Paddy dwelling, Water dwelling and Forest dwelling. We sat in the cart and headed to our villa (forest pavilion)! When we reached, we loved the little garden space and a private plunge pool.

Our Forest Dwelling

PS the plunge pool in this villa HAS to be the longest private in Sri Lanka! We were thrilled to see the elongated and clean pool.

Please note there are two storeys in the villa. As a couple, we had enough space to prance around and have naughty moments all through. Moving on, it was insanely private.

The Ground Floor of Forest Dwelling

The ground floor had a verandah with cushions and an elevated space where one can spend quality time with the partner.

By passing the verandah, you get to witness two doors. One gives you access to the shower zone. You can straight head to this shower zone after taking a dip in the pool.

The other one happens to be the main entrance. When you enter, there is a space to keep your luggage.

The ground floor consists of a private shower, a bathroom, a space to relax, and a breathtaking view. You also have access to a hand-made Tub. Apart from the plunge pool, this was another space to take a long bath with your beloved. How about carrying a bath bomb and some rose petals? We were very impressed with the seating spaces created by the architect and designers of the property.

For a Romantic Bath

There is an open space as well through which the villa gets direct sunlight. Lovely!

Nadika and Sanjanee enjoyed sitting in these areas and chit-chatting all day long. Well, we did explore everything else in our villa.

The First Floor

The first floor is the main area! It has all the luxurious amenities such as television, coffee-making machine, and so on.

This space houses a supremely comfortable bed. The plus point is that there is a bathroom here wherein you can find a toilet pot. That’s about it! This made our stay convenient because guests do not have to head to the ground floor at night.

Please note it is a small bathroom. For everything else, you have the plunge pool, the concrete tub, and the shower area downstairs.

Forest Pavilion, Duo Escapes
View from the room

When you retire on the bed, you will be able to see the plunge pool of your villa. It was such a beautiful experience! Nadika and Sanjanee chit-chatted all night long, read books (to each other), and spent a wild and happy night.

Special Thanks To The Chef(s)

The food was lip-smacking! We were deeply satisfied with the dishes that we had all through the stay.

Vil Uyana Main restaurant

Vil Uyana offers a-la-carte/set menu for breakfast, but it was delicious. The chefs were happy to provide extra dishes! In case you have certain preferences, ask the staff and they will make it for you.

The staff were professional, and supremely kind.

THUMBS UP to the entire staff of Jetwing Vil Uyana!

Interesting Things To Note

The pool and the restaurant are located towards a wet land. You can witness the water body and birds passing by.

After heading down from the restaurant, we liked strolling around the pool. Please know that the water body is a man-made lake.

The hotel offers some activities for the guests. You can opt for the free ones or pay extra for the special experiences. Extra experiences include theme dinner, cooking class, biking tour, walking tour, hiking tour, and bicycle rental.

Moving on….

We also got the opportunity to speak to the staff. Just so you know, the space houses man-made elements. The lush greenery you see around you has not existed before. The trees and plants were planted by the staff of the property. That’s interesting! It must have taken a lot of effort and extra care.

Water Dwelling, Vil Uyana
Beautifully set out water dwellings at Jetwing Vil Uyana

It takes a lot of effort to create a beautiful space! The designers and staff of the hotel have spent considerable amount of time to beautify the space.

Overall, we had a lovely time at Jetwing Vil Uyana. Indeed the husband knows how to please his dearest wife!

What’s the next destination? Perhaps Nadika is secretly planning another surprise for his bubbly and beautiful wife.

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Points to Note: Jetwing Vil Uyana Review

  • Price: Rs.30,000 (USD 160) Bed and Breakfast double through the hotel website
  • Visited in December 2017
  • Jetwing Vil Uyana can be considered as one of the two best resorts that we have visited in Sri Lanka
  • The resorts features different types of room categories, where marshy dwellings, paddy dwellings and forest dwellings feature private pools. Our pick out of the rooms would be the forest dwelling. Water dwelling also can give you a different experience, but you do not have a plunge pool in water dwelling but a bath tub
  • Hotel is best for relaxation and ideal for honeymooners and couples

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