Jetwing Yala Review

Say hello to the longest hotel in Yala region! We, the Duo Escapes couple, believe that life is a honeymoon. The day we got married, we promised to be partners in crime (and adventure) for life.

We decided to head to Jetwing Yala. We were enthralled by the reviews, and it was very much a part of our travel bucket list.

So, yes, we DID go to Jetwing Yala. If you are wondering whether all the hype is justified or not, read the full Jetwing Yala review.

A Special Package For a Special Couple

We believe that our love is divine, and it is a blessing from the Almighty. So, we booked the full-board package, and it was called ‘Romantic Honeymoon.’ For starters, this property was a part of our 5-day tour. If you have been following us closely, you would know which 5-day tour we are talking about!

The Romantic Honeymoon package included Yala safari, full-board, and a lot more goodies. We were excited (like always)!

We booked the package via their official website, and got an excellent deal.

First Impression: What did we think?                     

We are an avid travel couple, and anybody who travels extensively would know that Jetwing hotels are excellent. As we entered, the check-in was smooth, but since it was 2:30 already, we started with our lunch buffet.

Jetwing properties know their guests very well! When we entered the lunch buffet space, the staff identified that we were THE ROMANTIC Honeymoon couple! Well, if you would look at us from a distance or even up close, we still look like two love-struck teenagers who are deeply and madly in love!

The lunch buffet was amazing – lots of variety! With a happy (and full) tummy, we checked into our room.

Our Luxurious Room Towards The End of the Property

View from the room

So, after having a sumptuous meal, we headed to our room which is located at the end of the property. Since it is the longest hotel in Yala, you can imagine how far our room was! But, it had an amazing view, and was quite spacious.

The bathroom faces the sea as there is a window here (which was another brownie point). We got a view of the beach and the never-ending sea. Superb!

The bathroom is extremely luxurious. Moreover, there was a balcony where Nadika and Sanjanee had a wonderful time.

In conclusion, the room is comfortable, plush, and spacious.

Activities To Indulge In

While we were staying at Jetwing Yala, we indulged in a lot of activities. After all, we were the romantic honeymoon couple.

Nature walk

We enjoyed the nature walk arranged by the hotel. A naturist guided us in the lush greenery, and it lasted for about an hour.

We saw two giant elephants, and surprisingly, they were very close to the property. But, these elephants were friendly and non-violent.

A Romantic Dinner For The Special Couple

After our nature walk, the hotel arranged a candle-light dinner for us. Since it was a weekend, the hotel was full of people. We got the option of buffet or private candle-light dinner. But, the staff told us that we can opt for both!

At the dinner

We opted for the buffet dinner with some additional meals prepared by the Chef, but the staff still took us to a special location for our candle-light dinner.

The Much-Awaited Yala Safari

Our package included a safari to Yala National Park. So, after having light snacks, our driver took us to the national park. The only thing we had to pay for was the entrance ticket. Everything else was provided by the hotel itself.

During the safari, we were able to spot the rarest animal – the Black Bear. Yala is known for leopard spotting, but they don’t appear in front of everyone.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the greenery, and witnessing the wild animals of the national park.

A Sumptuous Breakfast For Hungry Souls

As we headed back to the hotel, we were able to enjoy a yummy breakfast.

Jetwing Yala never fails to impress! The buffet breakfast had all the items that we craved for.

The Romantic and Adventurous Tour Comes to an End

Before bidding adieu to the property, the staff asked us to take a look at their sustainable development projects. They have a biogas project and a sea-water purification centre. There was a solar power project also. The chief engineer explained everything, and it was quite enlightening for both of us.


Overall, the property was blissful, and it had one of the most luxurious amenities. The room was plush and comfortable. We were able to enjoy the view. Also, since we are foodies, the food was impressive and they had provided a lot of variety.

Perhaps we will come back for more! But, we do recommend it to all the HONEYMOON couples or anyone who believes that honeymoon phase never ends!

Points to Note: Jetwing Yala Review

  • Price: Rs.30,000 (USD 160) Booked the romantic package which included double full board accommodation with candle light dinner and Yala Safari
  • Visited in October 2020
  • This is the largest property in Yala and situated at the border of Yala National Park
  • The hotel has large number of rooms and most meals are served as buffet.

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