Jungle Beach By Uga Escapes Review

Let us take you back to the RESORT that inspired us to hunt for more hotels in this beautiful nation, Sri Lanka. Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes!

Trincomalee is calling you! When in Sri Lanka, you can never miss out the fun adventure activities. There is a lot of on-water action that you can enjoy at the crystal clear beaches. We, at Duo Escapes, travelled to a luxurious property in Trincomalee. Jungle Beach is one of the finest properties in the country.

In the year 2017, we visited the property. As soon as we entered the resort, we knew that it would be an extraordinary experience.

Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes, Lagoon Cabin, Duo Escapes
First View you will see as you enter the Property

Situated at a prime location, Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes is much-loved by travellers from across the globe. Set in a lush green natural setting, Jungle Beach promises to sweep you off the floor with the beautiful and comfortable rooms.

Welcome To Wonderland- Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes

The property is comfortably sandwiched between a lagoon and the great Indian Ocean. In addition, there are colourful birds and lush greenery surrounds most of the property.

Guests can enjoy the 4 kilometre long beach. Sun beds are kept for your comfort! You can take a dip in the water or soak up the sun. The choice is yours!

Smooth Check-in Process

Firstly, as we entered the property, the staff picks you up and takes you for the check-in process. We passed an elevated wooden path which itself was a spectacular experience. The check-in process was like the breeze – EASY and quick!

Entrance, Duo Escapes

Beach Cabin For A Comfortable And Fun Stay

We booked a beach cabin. Walking towards the cabin was another journey in itself! The property designers have made a sand path that takes you to your cabin. The natural path is sparkling clean and demarcated quite efficiently.

Note – We were extremely impressed with the cleanliness of the property! Everything is spick and span.

We stayed at an elevated beach cabin. Just so you know, it was cabin #1 and it was massive. A spacious living area will give you enough space to move around.

Beach Cabin,Duo Escapes

The bathroom is divided into two parts. There is an indoor bathroom that includes the toilet, basin, and so on.

As you move out to the other section, you enter an open shower area. It has an outdoor shower which is covered but the roof is open. This was a wonderful experience to shower here! It feels like you have gotten transported to another world.

Outdoor shower, Duo Escapes,
Outdoor Shower Area

The room was comfortable and had all the amenities that one could ask for! We will give the decor and amenities full points!

The Private Beach Experience @ Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes

Walk out of your cabin and you will find a pathway. This pathway is quite natural and is covered with bushes. The path takes you to the private beach. It has trees and lush greenery which gives you an all-natural experience.

Duo Escapes, Jungle Beach bu Uga Escapes, Beach Cabin
Path to the Beach

The beach has sun beds where you can relax for hours! A small hut is located right on the beach. Guests can enjoy drinks and snacks here. Well, you might just get hungry after sun bathing or swimming in the sea.

Duo Escapes, Jungle Beach bu Uga Escapes

If you don’t wish to get too adventurous on the beach, there is a lovely swimming pool within the property. The outdoor swimming pool is surrounded by lush greenery. It looks exactly like a jungle pool. In case you want a bite, there is a 70-seater capacity restaurant near the pool area.

We enjoyed our time soaking in the view, looking at the skies and swimming amidst lush greenery.

Heaven For Adventure Seekers

Trincomalee is an excellent destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in these activities and make the most of their trip. For booking the water sports, you can contact the property staff.

At Your Service

Duo Escapes, Jungle Beach bu Uga Escapes, Perfect Dining

The staff is excellent! We enjoyed the food options. There was no buffet, but the a-la-carte menu was quite good. In fact, they would be happy to make changes to the menu. The whole idea is to customize the menu as per the guest’s personal preference.

Further, we liked this idea as there is no wastage of food! You can ask the chef to prepare your favourite dish. We are sure they will cater to your needs.

In addition, if you want to have a private dining experience with your partner, it can be arranged by the staff. You can dine at a space with a jungle backdrop. Dine under the stars and sip some wine. Even you could have a beachside picnic with your beloved. And why just a couple? We would recommend private dining for families and friends too!

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, Jungle Beach by Uga Escapes has Lagoon Cabin, Beach Cabin, Jungle Cabin and a Jungle Cluster Cabin. Since we stayed at the Beach Cabin, we had a private outdoor terrace and the view was stunning. We had direct access to the beach and the path was quite alluring with green bushes.

In case you are travelling with your group, there is a massive cluster cabin that offers a private swimming pool too.

The outdoor rain shower area was our favourite and we couldn’t have enough of it! Overall, a romantic and unforgettable experience. But, we would recommend it to families, friendly gangs, and couples. It is a piece of heaven in Sri Lanka where you are supremely close to Mother Nature.

If you haven’t been here, you haven’t seen the best of Sri Lanka!

Duo Escapes, Jungle Beach bu Uga Escapes, Beach Cabin
Beach Cabin

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.21,000 (USD 115) (Booked a Beach Cabin on Half Board Basis with 50% room rush offer through their website)
  • Visited on December 2016
  • This is the resort that inspired us to explore luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.
  • However, you will not find buffet in the hotel and the menus are tailor made and customized
  • Most importantly, the resort is sparkling clean and perfectly maintained which is unique in UGA resorts
  • This is one of the few resorts that provide liquid milk packets in tea coffee making facilities

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