One of our favourite getaway properties is Kalundewa Retreat in Dambulla. It is surrounded by scenic beauties and tall mountains. What a stellar location! As you enter the property, you get transported to another world. We created our own world, and share a deep love for travelling.

Kalundewa Retreat has a serene ambiance. A lake surrounds the property and there is plenty of greenery to keep you sane and healthy. It is a romantic hideout for couples, who want to make lasting memories. Let’s take a quick look at the property review of this wonderful hotel.

Kalundewa Retreat - Paddy Field
Paddy Fields at Kalundewa Retreat

How to Reach The Heavenly Abode?

Pack your clothes and essentials as we are heading to Kalundewa Retreat. It is situated 10 minutes away from the famous Dambulla International Cricket Stadium.

Technically, it is located in Sigiriya, but travellers have to travel further to reach the property. You can rely on Google Maps, but it is best to call the property staff.

The hotel is massive from inside. Majority of the land has been cultivated. The staff uses fresh produce to cook the food. The villagers use the land for cultivation of crops, and the hotel makes good use of the produce. What can be better than eating fresh vegetables and fruits?

Entering The Beautiful Retreat

Step inside the hotel premises and go further in to find the vehicle parking. As you enter, you will also find a temple-structure! It is akin to a Hindu Temple, but it is just meant for aesthetic purpose.

Kalundewa Retreat, Entrance Building

The lobby area takes inspiration from Mother Nature. There is a tree, old antique pieces, and right in front of the lobby, you can also enjoy the view of the lake.

Kalundewa Retreat, Lake

We were amazed by the surroundings and were excited to enter our chalet. In the lobby area itself, you can witness the true beauty of nature. The architecture is wonderful and the staff has also put up photographs of how this hotel was built.

Romantic Villas for Optimum Comfort

Kumbuk Chalet, Kalundewa Retreat
Kumbuk Chalet at Kalundewa Retreat

If you are staying in the villa, make sure you are not opening the windows and doors for a long time. Considering it is a natural setting, it is home to many monkeys and other animals. The monkeys are quite naughty and clever! They have their eyes on you and will watch everything you do! Well, close the doors and windows while sharing a passionate moment with your partner. You might have an audience (the monkeys).

Kalundewa Retreat, Monkeys
Monkeys are watching you

At Kalundewa, there are few categories of rooms.

Bakmee Chalet is a two-storied chalet. The staff gives it out to a family as the place is quite spacious. In case someone wants the upper floor or lower floor, they do not give out one of the floors to another family. This is just to respect the privacy!

We stayed at the Kumbuk Chalet. It was surrounded by foliage. We were mesmerized by the chalet as the structure was outstanding. It has an elevated structure and is quite spacious. If you want to cook your own meal, there is a cooker and all the necessary items.

Kalundewa Retreat, Kumbuk Chalet with Private Pool
Kumbuk Chalet with Plunge Pool

The villa is open as it is made with glass. Please note that blindfolds are provided for complete privacy. Our villa was meant for a romantic stay as it had a plunge pool. It felt like we are having a bath in the forest as the plunge pool was surrounded by trees and foliage.

The bathroom was spacious and we could see the trees and birds around as the whole villa is made of glass. Overall, the Kumbuk Chalet is one of the best villas in the property. We recommend it to all the couples for a honeymoon stay! There was another villa next to ours. Although there was enough space between the two villas, but there was no segregation. One could see the guests from the other villa. That was the only drawback of our villa!

If you want to book a villa that is completely private, the Nil Manel floating villa is a boat type of accommodation. Travellers can have a different experience here!

Sri Lankan Delicacies For Hungry Souls

Even though we could cook in our villas, but the Sri Lankan delicacies at the hotel were lip smacking. The hotel has made arrangements to provide us with a free dinner consisting with seafood platter, which was the best sea food that we have ever had.

Kalundewa Retreat, Seafood platter
Sea Food Platter

We enjoyed the food, staff services and the overall setting.

Fun and Relaxing Activities for Couples and Families

Following morning, we were escorted by the hotel naturalist, on a bird watching tour, which was very exciting. Prior to the bird watching tour, we had the chance to go around the huge property in the electric cart and heard a lot of stories about the village.

Kalundewa Retreat, Baya Weaver, Bird Watching Tour
Homes of Baya Weaver

Also, there are many exciting things to do within the hotel premises. For starters, you can take a dip in the pool. It feels like you are amidst a jungle. The pool is surrounded with trees and one can view the clear sky above.

The main pool is 2 kilometre away from the hotel’s main area. The staff can arrange for a cart to reach the pool. It is interesting because you can ride the bicycle till the pool or any place you wish to go! In a nutshell, you can perform all the fun and healthy activities within the premises. The pool is known as Ulpatha Natural Spring Pool! You could ask the staff to arrange a BBQ dinner near the pool.

Kalundewa Retreat, Swimming Pool Ulpotha
Swimming Pool Ulpotha

Have you ever meditated in a natural green space? There are many spots within the property where you can meditate and perform yoga postures. Bird watching tours and traditional cooking classes can be arranged. Learn to make a hopper or just witness the chirping birds! As we mentioned-before, the Kalundewa Retreat property is one of our favourites and we would recommend it to one and all. Take a break from the worldly affairs and visit this heavenly abode. Make sure you pick the right chalet/villa for your stay! Also, beware of the monkeys and keep the doors closed at night or in day time.

So, that is about the Kalundewa Retreat Review. Check out on our tips on how to choose a luxurious hotel at an affordable price.

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.33,000 (USD 175) booked on Bed and Breakfast Basis, but got a free upgrade to Half Board. Package also included guided bird watching tour, complementary bottle of wine, Fruits Basket, 2 bicycles to be used within the stay
  • Visited in May 2019
  • We would recommend one of the 3 Kumbuk Chalets (Two are closeby and one is separated and all Kumbuk Chalets have private plunge pools).
  • Bakmee Rooms have upper Bakmee and Lower Bakmee, where only lower Bakmee features a pool
  • Deluxe rooms are normal rooms and no private pools are there
  • You may take a Binocular with you
  • Kalundewa Chef is special and food is so delicious

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