We headed to the magical forests. Our next stop was the Living Heritage Koslanda. The luxury boutique hotel is located in the immaculate part of Sri Lanka. Photographers who enjoy watching birds and capturing the mountains and forest views will have a spectacular time during this getaway.

The area where the hotel is situated is known as, ‘God’s Forest’. As you enter the region, you get the fragrance of cinnamon and the air you breathe cannot be fresher than this! Let’s take you to Living Heritage Koslanda through our elaborate review of the property.

Entering a Traditional Property

The entrance makes you think of an antique ancestral home.

Living Heritage Koslanda, Restaurant Building

It is traditional, but as you enter inside, there is an infinity pool and all the basic amenities. If you are in love and want to spend quality time with your partner, this property has beautiful corners where you can make new memories.

This is the type of property where you can unwind and recharge. Working en number of hours and running in the rat race will get you tired. Sometimes, you just need a break and Living Heritage Koslanda is the best place to do so.

A Romantic Stay At Forest Pavilion

We stayed at the Forest Pavilion. There are just five of these in the property. It is built on an elevation so that guests can enjoy the best views of the mountain and forest.

Forest Pavilion, Living Heritage Koslanda
Forest Pavilion @ Living Heritage Koslanda

A king-size bed is provided with mosquito net. Since the room is open, bugs and mosquitoes can enter the zone. However, the property is safe and there is no threat of security.

Forest Pavilion, View from the Bed

Love makes you do crazy things! Spend quality time with your sweetheart under the shower. There is a private terrace as well to catch a drink and talk about life, love and everyday affairs.

There are other category villas such as the Luxury Villa Suites that have an outdoor shower and plunge pool. The Pepper Garden Cottage has a forest garden setting and a private ambalama.

Overall, you can choose the villa category as per your personal preferences.

Get Hooked With  A Number of Fun Activities

Apart from the beautiful infinity pool, you can soak in the view of the mountains. When you are swimming in the infinity pool, you can view the mountains. The view is stellar and one can simply enjoy nature’s beauty from the edge of the pool.

Infinity Pool

A picnic lunch can be arranged along with a dip in the waterfall. The waterfall is hidden in the forest, but within the premises.


All you need to do is go for a 20-minutes walk. The staff also arranged guided nature walks! Even cooking can be a romantic activity, so learn to make hoppers with the chefs.

Concluding Thoughts

The hotel is easy to locate, but you can always call the staff for proper directions. The property has a wonderful ancestral look. It seems as if you are entering an ayurvedic retreat.

On our way to Living Heritage Koslanda, we also visited Diyaluma Waterfall. There is also another path to visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfalls. This is a must for everyone who wants to go on a hiking adventure.

Diyaluma Waterfall
Diyaluma – One of the Tallest Waterfalls in Sri Lanka

During the dry months, you can find occasional elephant around the property. They enter the property to give a friendly visit to the guests. Even if you are not able to see elephants, there are other wild animals (rabbits included) who would be happy to greet you.

Please note there is no internet or WiFi, but the hotel provides you a phone to stay connected. What a wonderful getaway it was!

The untouched and serene property had everything to make our trip complete and blissful. If you are wondering where to go on your next trip, head to Living Heritage Koslanda.

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.15,000 (USD 80) for Bed & Breakfast Double at a Forest Pavilion (Booked directly with the hotel)
  • Visited in July 2019
  • Though there are some higher grade room types in Living Heritage with Jacuzzi and Bath Tub, we would recommend you to stay at Forest Pavilion, which is a unique experience
  • Infinity pool is a must, specially for Insta lovers
  • Waterfall hike can be carried out on your own, proper direction signs are provided

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  1. Hii Thank you somuch for sharing the story 😍 May I know rough prices for lunch & dinner as it can only be booked on B&B basis.

    1. Thank you for reaching us. Usually it will be around Rs 1000-1500/- per person per meal (only for main course).
      Even when we visited, they promoted only BB. You may also take your lunch on your way to the hotel before you turn to Beragala -Wellawaya road, since it may be difficult to find decent places nearby.
      However, current offer at Living Heritage is a good deal.

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