Maalu Maalu Resort Review

Couples must always keep the spark alive and kicking!

Most of the men think hard and fail to find an answer. What do women want? Well, it’s quite simple, really! Women want surprises, loyalty and oodles of love.

Why are we talking about love and the wants and needs of women? There’s a valid reason for the same! Keep reading to find out the purpose!

Sri Lanka is filled with luxurious properties where couples, families, and friends can spend quality time with each other. Since we were born and brought up in Sri Lanka, we always had access to the private villas and exquisite beaches.

Nadika planned a surprise trip to Maalu Maalu Resort. An ideal husband and a fun soul, he planned it all and did not disclose the plan till the end. Well, dearest wife (Sanjanee), loved the surprise and was floored by the gesture. Do you wish to live a happy life? Surprise your wifey once in a blue moon.

Let’s get started with the Maalu Maalu Resort review. Is it worth the price? We’ll find out with this review.  

Idyllic Location

Maalu Maalu is a wondrous beach hotel. It is located in Pasikuda, a beautiful beach where the water is clear and the skies are sunny. One of the most cherished part of travelling to Sri Lanka is that the water is of pleasing temperature.

Malu Malu, Pool

There is a plethora of water sports to choose from. If you are a peace lover or just want some romance in your life, then head to the exotic villas at Pasikuda.

Guests have access to the beach. You don’t have to walk a lot or burn under the sun. Just walk on the path that leads to the stunning Pasikuda Beach.

Entering The Grand Maalu Maalu Property

As soon as we entered the property, our first reaction was – WOW! We have stayed at many luxurious properties in Sri Lanka and this one had an impressive lobby area.

We would like to mention that the lobby area has a stunning view.

The staff welcomed us with open arms. Isn’t it nice to be welcomed with flower garlands and yummy drinks? Even though we are inhabitants of the island nation, but the welcome makes a difference! This is how you know that the duration of the stay is going to be hassle-free.

Full points to the staff for the excellent hospitality!

The check-in process did not take a lot of time. It was like a breeze!

Let’s think of a better word. It was as smooth as warm butter. The staff asked us about our food preferences – VEGETARIAN or NON VEGETARIAN.

Looks Can Be Deceptive

A few years back, Maalu Maalu circulated pictures of their property. We compared the pictures with the real property! Just like looks are deceptive, some pictures may not speak the truth.

Wooden Chalets, Maalu Maalu

The lobby area was as good as the picture, but the room was not as per our expectations.

Maalu Maalu provides accommodation in segregated wooden chalets.  Each wooden chalet has 2 separate units in two storeys. We opted for the standard category villa/room.

Downsides –

  • It had a partial view of the sea.
  • 1 wooden chalet had 2 rooms. They are separate but we were expecting 1 whole unit for us.
  • The structure is not as attractive.

The Saving Grace

As avid travellers, we visit the property with a check-list. You want all the luxuries, comfort and amenities.

We enjoyed staying at Maalu Maalu for the following reasons –

  • The location is stellar. You have direct access to the beach
  • The swimming pool is massive and has a fabulous view. When it is dark in the night, the pool looks like a romantic haven
  • The room had a massive bathroom with a cosy bathtub
  • All the basic amenities were provided (as expected)

Food For Thought at Maalu Maalu

There are three restaurants in the property. They serve both local and international cuisine.

We went for dinner buffet and were highly impressed by the staff. They were kind enough to assist us during the buffet meal. The staff told us about the ingredients and what foods we should avoid. Selection of meal was easier with the additional assistance.

While we were away for buffet, the cleaning staff had arrived in the room. Since we left our wallets and belongings in the room, they were professional and polite to inform us that they could come back after dinner or we could come and take it. Honesty is an amazing trait and we appreciate it.

Concluding Thoughts

Maalu Maalu, Duo Escapes
Pasikuda Beach

In a nutshell, we were satisfied with the stay. The Pasikuda beach is one of the most beautiful and safe beach for swimming, but you could always inform the staff about your whereabouts. Watch out for notices or red flags. These are the times you should avoid swimming in the beach.

There is not enough open space inside the property for long walks. However, you can make good use of the beach.

Overall, it was a happy stay and there is a lovely spa as well. If you wish to get a nice massage during your stay, Ayur Vie offers herbal steam bath, facial treatment, herbal bath, and herbal oil body treatment. 

So, in case you are going to Pasikuda or just wish to surprise your wife/husband, head to Maalu Maalu.

Points to Note: Maalu Maalu Resort Review

  • Price: Rs.17,000 (USD 90), Directly booked calling the hotel on Half Board basis
  • Visited in November 2017
  • The wooden chalets are located close to each other. It has two units in one particular chalet, one in each floor. However, you should not expect fully separation of the units/rooms
  • All the luxury hotels and resorts in Pasikuda are located in close proximity to each other in a particular stretch of the beach
  • If you are interested in Spa, Maalu Maalu “Ayur Vie Spa” would be a great choice, which has very attractive packages, and most of the staff here are locals

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  1. Very detailed article ! Perfect getaway resort to chill by the beach and have a nice relaxing time.

  2. A good place to relax.. especially the pool and the beach. They allow to stay late till about 8 p.m in the pool and the sea breeze is awesome…

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