Madulkelle Review

Everyone has a bucket list in life. This time, the DuoEscapes couple, were eyeing the Madulkelle Eco Lodge. Keep reading our Madulkelle Review.

USP: Stunning view from the villa and far away from all the hustle bustle.

Even though Sri Lanka is known for its natural beauty, but there are some days when you wish to escape to a peaceful place.

Since we were in Kandy, we thought of heading to the famous Madulkelle Eco Lodge. We booked the villa in the morning as we decided to reach by evening.

A Bumpy Ride Indeed

Bumpy rides are not joyous! They say that do not worry about the destination, enjoy the journey. Sadly, the road was under construction, and the ride was bumpy and uncomfortable.

That’s not a major concern as the road work will finish soon.

Reception + Restaurant

Difficult Roads Often Lead To Beautiful Destinations:

Hold that thought! Once we reached the property, we realized that the journey was worthwhile. The Eco Lodge is beautiful! Did we mention that it overlooks the tea estate? That’s the benefit of choosing Kandy!

Note: The main building looks like the TEA Estate Bungalow. It gives the feeling of a Bungalow which is utilized by managers of the tea estate.

The First Impression

 We were escorted to the main building. The main reception is located here. There are thousands of positive things to note about the main building. For starters, the architecture is wonderful.

Colours of women

The lobby and restaurant are in the main building. Well, the building solves quite a few purposes!

Full points for the intricately designed space!

After entering the building, we headed to the backyard. What a view! You get a good view of the Knuckles Mountain Range. Keep your cameras ready for some stunning pictures.

We were extremely overjoyed by seeing the architecture of the main building, and the view was to die for.

Reviewing Villa #9

The staff took us to Villa #9. There is nothing exquisite or luxurious about the villa, but the main selling point is the view.

No matter what time it is – day or night – you will get to see a stellar view.

The balcony space is massive and the DuoEscapes couple spent more than two hours here. Well, talking about life, love, and the beauty of the hotel is always fun. We enjoy each other’s company!

At night, we were able to observe the clear sky. On a lucky day (when it is not raining), you will get a chance to see the Milky Way.

Looking for a remarkable experience? Just sit in your balcony and glance at the Madulkalle Village and town from a distance.


Dining at Madulkelle

Sadly, the food was quite expensive at Madulkelle Eco Lodge. Perhaps they need to work on the rate of food items.

Before reaching the hotel, we packed our food and saved extra bucks. That’s just a wise way to spend your holiday without getting a dent in your pocket.

Art Suite

Breakfast Scene

The breakfast was simple and the options were limited. Taste of the food was satisfactory, and the staff ensured that we get as much quantity of food as we want.

Overall, the staff was attentive and catered to our requirements.

Strolling Around The Property

After having breakfast, we spent a good amount of time in exploring the property.

We took a stroll and visited the property’s farm. There are other attractions within the property. We had a good time – once again, we chatted for a long time.

There is an infinity swimming pool within the premises. The view is great, but it gets too cold to dip into the pool. Since the water was too cold, it became unbearable after a point. Looks like you need a thick skin to swim in cold water!

Concluding Thoughts

The property is not as popular among the locals, but the DuoEscapes would recommend it to love birds and even a group of friends. In fact, it is quite good for a solo traveller too. You might like the solitude here!

 But, the DuoEscapes recommends it specially for couples. This is a great option for honeymoon couples! The property ensures that you get complete privacy!

So, plan your trip, book the villa, and make sure you pack some food ahead of time. Perhaps the property will revise the rates of the dishes.

Keep following our journey!

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Points to note: Madulkelle Review

  • Price: Rs 21,000 (USD 110), booked by direct contact on double bed and breakfast basis
  • Visited in August 2020
  • Not very famous among locals but a must visit destination specially for couples
  • A binocular and a sweater should be in your list
  • From Kandy, it will take one and half hours to reach the property
  • Few attractions are nearby including “Hulu Ganga Waterfall”

Hulu Ganga Waterfall

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