Melheim Haputale Hotel Review

Welcome to the cool hill town in Sri Lanka! Haputale is known for its serene beauty. Look around and you will find tea gardens everywhere. Did you know that most of the tea gardens are owned by the famous Thomas Lipton. Haputale is not as crowded as Ella, but it does have some of the most luxurious and relaxing properties where you can head for a getaway.

We thought of taking a break! As a working couple, we both have been busy abiding by deadlines. Travelling is always on top of our priority list! We planned a getaway to this hotel, Melheim Haputale and were excited to explore the property.

Property Name: Melheim Resort and Spa

Location: Haputale

USP: Outdoor pool, Breathtaking view, Delicious Food

Melheim Haputale, Duo Escapes

Abiding By The Instructions Of Google Map: On the Way To Melheim Haputale

Haputale is a well-known hill town. We planned a four-day tour and Melheim was one of the properties we booked for the getaway.

We spent the first night at Bandarawela. Since we wanted to have different experiences throughout the getaway, we thought of heading to the second property. The next day, we headed to Melheim. Take a turn from the Beragala Junction to reach the property. Once again, Beragala is a small town in Sri Lanka. It is approximately 183 kilometre from Colombo.

We followed Google Maps and reached the destination without any trouble. Usually, travellers get frustrated with Google Maps, but reaching Melheim was a cakewalk for us.

Reaching Melheim Resort and Spa

We made a booking on half-board basis.

As we reached the property, it was around 3 PM. Like young teenagers, we were excited to step into the lobby area.

We parked the car and stepped down to enter the lobby area. It’s not that large in size, but we were still impressed with the interior design. Speaking of interior design, you will witness the famous weaves in the lobby area. Plus, it has a decent seating capacity. If you reach the property a little early, you will find a comfortable place to sit.

The USP of Melheim Resort and Spa

The icing on the cake is the stunning views from the hotel. No matter which room you opt for, you would get a stellar view from the room.

If you fancy watching the misty skies and tall mountains, this is the property you should choose. Watching the sunset and sunrise from our room was the highlight of the day!

View from the room, melheim
Breathtaking View from the room

Exploring the Room – Luxurious or Standard?

The weather in Haputale is quite pleasant. In fact, one does not require air conditioners. Melheim rooms do not have air conditioners, but travellers will not miss it a lot.

The rooms in Melheim are spacious, but the interiors are pretty basic. The only selling point of the room is the STELLAR view. Perhaps travellers who love watching the gifts of nature should come and stay here.

The only extraordinary feature of the room is the VIEW.

Wake up fresh and watch the sunrise from your room. If you want the best view, opt for a room on a higher floor.

Putting On Our Food Critic Hat

Just like the room, the food was also basic. Hold the thought! Read on to find out how the food was! ‘The true test of the pudding lies in the taste.’

Since we booked the half-board option, we had dinner included in the package. It was a buffet and naturally, we were excited about eating to our heart’s content.

There were not many options to choose from and the food is not as fancy. Yes, there is a live food station, but there is a dearth of options there as well. They had a variety of meats in the live station. But, we recommended the staff to include seafood options! Well, you’re in Sri Lanka – there should be more seafood dishes!

Nonetheless, the food was delicious. We were extremely satisfied with the taste of the food! That’s what matters, right? If the food is good, the heart is content.

The good news is that you can fill your tummy and ask for a replenish! The staff were happy to provide us with as many servings.

Activities For Kids and Adults

You must be wondering what activities are there to keep the guests entertained. There is a massive gaming centre where one can find all the fun indoor games. If you are the brainy one, play chess. There is a pool table as well!

We enjoyed playing the games and even took a stroll in their garden. It is located on the upper level (don’t miss it).

Adventures of us

The next day was a little more promising! We enjoyed our breakfast and then headed to the herbal and vegetable garden. Since the property has enough space, the staff have made a beautiful herb garden.

It was quite rejuvenating to walk around the garden because we got to know about different vegetables and herbs.

Waterfall, Hike, Duo Escapes
Waterfall amidst nature

We found out that there is a waterfall nearby! We were not at all prepared for the trek, but luckily a hotel guide accompanied us to the waterfall. It can be extremely challenging to reach the waterfall! But, we still gathered courage and went for a trek.

Waterfall Trek, Duo Escapes
We were not prepared at all for a Trek 😀

The best part was that we halted at a place where one can view all the famous viewpoints. You can see the Southern province of Sri Lanka!

On the way to Waterfall Hike

Even while having dinner the other night, we saw some lights from a distance. The staff told us that these lights are from Hambantota Port!

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, we can conclude that the property has impressive views. Were we impressed with the interiors of the room? Perhaps the property is more focused on providing a peaceful experience. If you are someone who enjoys good views, this property is perfect for you!

Our Guide to the Waterfall

Don’t forget to buy some excellent-quality tea from Haputale!

Where are we going next? You will find out very soon RIGHT HERE at Duo Escapes.

Points to Note: Melheim Haputale

  • Price: Rs.16,500 (USD 90) Direct booking on double half board basis
  • Visited in July 2019
  • The resort is best for views and the best hotel in Melheim Chain
  • Rooms are basic, but spacious
  • Waterfall hike is a little adventurous and better to contact the hotel for a guide from Hotel (Complimentary)
  • Never forget to take your Binocular, to witness southern part of Sri Lanka

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