Okwin Resort Nawalapitiya Review

There are some places in Sri Lanka which are untouched and unexplored by tourists. Nawalapitiya is one of them. As a travel couple, we try to explore the hidden gems and bring the best hotel reviews for our readers. With that noble thought in our mind, we decided to head to Okwin Resort, Nawalapitiya.

Here’s a complete review of Okwin Resort. We travelled to Nawalapitiya and stayed at this property and had a decent stay. If you wish to know more – keep reading the Okwin Resort Nawalapitiya Review!

A Sneak Peek of what Nawalapitiya Offers

Nawalapitiya is a town in Sri Lanka’s Kandy district, but it is surrounded by lush greenery and spectacular views. If you’re in the mood to hike towards a waterfall or soak in the beauty of Mother Nature, Nawalapitiya is the best place to visit with your family, friends, and lover.

You will find some waterfalls in and around this area including:

  • Galboda Falls
  • Kadiyanlena Falls
  • Sudugala Falls
  • Galboda Ella Falls

It can be refreshing to break free from the mundane chores of life. When you’re in Nawalapitiya, you forget about the world and your worries.

Hanging Bridge (Nearby Attractions)

Last-Minute Duo Escapes Couple Getaway Plans

We’re adventurers and our getaway plans are quite sudden and unplanned. That’s the beauty of marrying someone who loves traveling and exploring the world as much as you do!

We had to go to office in the morning, but eventually decided to go to this hotel at 7 PM after work hours.

We booked a superior room, so the facilities/amenities were not elaborate. It was a standard room with basic amenities like television, balcony, en-suite bathroom, coffee-maker, tea maker, etc. Nonetheless, we had a good snooze at night.

Travelers can book a honeymoon suite or a presidential suite to gain access to luxurious amenities. The ones living in the suite will get a view of the Sudugala Falls.

A Visual Treat for Nature and Peace Lovers

The hotel location is apt and supremely beautiful. One could easily enjoy breakfast while soaking in the gushing river view. We had our breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant which is also located next to the river.

The scenic beauty was the reason why we chose this hotel. Our goal was to book the room and explore the surroundings.

The breakfast was decent. It was a buffet breakfast so there were quite a few food options to enjoy. Since Nawalapitiya is an unexplored and hidden gem, you will find many locals at the property.

Things to do in and around Okwin Resort

After breakfast, we wanted to explore the waterfall located next to the hotel.

The waterfall is small, but its visually appealing. As you climb up, you will find a sliding rope. Many people gather near the sliding rope to click pictures.

We had an enjoyable time near the waterfall, and were glad that we got a chance to explore the surroundings.

You can sit near the waterfall, take pictures, and enjoy the view. Travelers can also go on a railroad adventure as it passes through some scenic places.

Summing up our stay at Okwin Resort

Okwin Resort is a budget hotel, so you can’t expect luxurious amenities here. Although they have offered a jacuzzi, balcony, and other basic amenities in suites, visit this hotel if you are genuinely wanting to explore the nearby surroundings.

Our objective was to see the waterfall and be up close with Mother Nature. Overall, the stay was decent and we had a good time exploring the surroundings.

Fool’s bridge (Nearby attraction)

Points to Note: Okwin Resort Nawalapitiya Review

  • Price: LKR 7,000 (USD 35) on double bed and breakfast basis through agoda
  • Visited in Nov 2019
  • The hotel is beautifully located adjacent to the river, but may not be luxurious for couples. However, it does present a decent environment with some good time for exploring the surroundings
  • Hotel can be a little busy if weddings are facilitated on the day of the booking. So, better check with hotel before booking.

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