Tea Cottage Resort Review

World peace begins with inner peace.

The whole world is running in a rat race and sometimes, you just need to breathe easy. We, at DuoEscapes, believe that travelling is a necessity and a great way to break free from the usual humdrum of life.

We needed inner peace, comfort, and luxury. To get a taste of nature and luxury, we headed to Tea Cottage in Nawalapitiya. The location is wonderful for nature lovers or couples who wish to seek some alone time with each other.  Situated midst the lush Greenwood Tea Estate, the property focuses on tranquillity and seclusion.

Here’s a complete Tea Cottage Resort Review in Nawalapitiya. Are you excited to know more? Read on to find out!

Nature Lover’s Retreat in Nawalapitiya

Kadiyanlena Falls
Nawalapitiya Surroundings

Nawalapitiya may not be the most popular pick among travellers, but that’s the USP of this place. It is tranquil, undisturbed and far away from human intervention and destruction. There are a few properties around this area, but whichever property you go to, the view will be stellar.

Tea Cottage Resort is not a humungous property, but it is idyllic for couples and solo travellers. The property is located at the corner of the Greenwood Tea Estate. Once you enter the estate, the resort is located at the end of it.

Tea Cottage Resort

The icing on the cake is that you can soak in the stunning  view from your villa.

Reviewing The Striking River View Villa With a Plunge Pool

We booked a ‘river view villa’.

River View Cottage, Duo Escapes
River view Villa with plunge pool

Travellers can choose from many types of villas. But, there are not many units so book ahead of time or call the property staff. You could opt for a family cottage, luxury cottage (river view or mountain view), greenwood suite, greenwood villa, double room, and deluxe room.

The room was clean and large enough to prance around.

Our River View Villa had a Jacuzzi/plunge pool. To be honest, the plunge pool was of no use to us because it was kind of abandoned.

Since we were mesmerized by the view, we skipped calling the staff to clean the pool. Well, we enjoyed the view and that IS another USP of the property.

Hearing the sound of the river made us forget the plunge pool. The huge window of our room allowed us to get a glimpse of the river and the mountain range. Perfect!

View from room
Perfect View from Room

However, make sure you are informing the staff about your arrival. They must keep the plunge pool ready before the guests check-in. Just a gentle reminder, mate!

Rest assured, you will get all the basic amenities.

Please note: There is no swimming pool within the property. Only few villas have plunge pools.

Activities To Keep You Hooked And Relaxed

Since you will be living amidst the tea estate (or the corner of the estate), you will have free access to a bicycle. Cycle around with your partner or kids. It is a wonderful experience to be cycling around the estate and soaking in the lush green vistas.

Don’t forget that you are amidst nature and the air cannot be as fresh as this!

Fresh air, Nawalapitiya

This is a resort and spa, so you will have access to full body massage, deep tissue massage, and foot reflexology. All this is chargeable, but it does not come with a hefty price. It ranges between USD 20 To USD 30.

Stop My Starvation

The food portion is excellent! We enjoyed a good a-la-carte meal at the restaurant. The restaurant is a small one and does not serve buffet.

The eco-deck opens up to lush greenery. It serves continental, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Thai and Italian cuisine.

Dining at this little restaurant was a great experience!

Exploring The Surroundings around Tea Cottage

We are always in the mood for adventure!

We wanted to explore the surroundings and headed out for an expedition. Kadiyanlena Waterfall is located near the estate. What a breathtaking view!

The height of the waterfall is of 25 meters height. If the weather is good and rain gods are extra gracious, the waterfall looks even more beautiful.

In a nutshell, we would recommend Tea Cottage to couples who are looking for affordable luxury. You can book the property at a low rate and the experience will be exceptional.

Don’t just read our review! Make plans with your love and head to the Tea Cottage. Nature is calling you!

Points to Note in Tea Cottage Resort Review

  • Price: Rs.9000 (USD 50) booked on Bed and Breakfast Basis through Agoda
  • Visited in October 2017
  • If you are booking a villa with plunge pool, please re check the condition of the plunge pool
  • This would be a great resort specially if you are a starter for luxury villa travelling. A must visit destination which is available at a very reasonable price.
  • Nawalapitiya is still a hidden gem in Sri Lanka with loads of views and water bodies
  • You will not have buffet or much variation, but still the hotel staff would be willing to satisfy all your needs

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