Tri Lanka Resort Review

Here comes, “Tri Lanka Resort Review “

So on our 5 days quest of exploring; we finally headed to our last stay at Tri Lanka. Tri Lanka is located in the cinnamon heartland of Sri Lanka. The resort is adjacent to the Koggala Lake. We, the Duo escapes couple, believe that life is adventurous so we follow “Explore & Discover” mantra.

The structure of the resort is sustainably designed with 100% recyclable woods. The architecture embraces emotions and intelligence.

“Tri Lanka Resort review”, our enthralling staying experience is specially for you as a tip 🙂

Pampered guests for the day

We travelled post Covid situation before the second wave. The resort has a parking spot where we parked the vehicle, and from there the hotel staff escorted us to the reception area.

Main swimming pool

The reception area was so elegant and had a fantastic view of Koggala Lake. The view of the lake was maximized by the “Infinity Pool”. Good views entice us! Moreover, the hotel followed proper sanitizing protocols. The architecture of the hotel was so pleasing and aesthetically designed.

Reception area

After a nice and effortless check-in process, we were escorted to our rooms. We booked a lake villa with a private plunge pool. You know what else was interesting? We had the privilege of having the entire resort because we were the only guests on that particular day. Perhaps the inhabitants of the island nation are still fearful of stepping out. But, let’s break the vow and tell you: some properties are actually really safe for travel purpose.

But, hold that thought, please!

First impression is after all the last impression

The moment we entered the room, we saw dirty patches on the linen curtains and on walls. The skirting was also not available which had more dirty patches. All in all, it was not expected; however, the room was perfectly designed.

View from the room

Villa and resort tour

The room had two levels; the bed was on the upper level, whereas the sitting and washroom area was on the lower level. For the private plunge pool area, we had to go through the balcony towards the corner. The best part was the Koggala Lake facing room and private pool.

Private Plunge Pool

The hotel has a water tower room, and from there, one can enjoy the 360-degree beautiful view from the deck. One can enjoy beautiful sunsets with loved ones with hands in hands.

The resort also has a mini gently floating library in a bamboo grove above the spa. It can be used for peaceful evenings and for me time.

Our villa was breezy and had a king-size bed, a day bed that could be doubled as a single bed. The bathroom had an awesome walk-in rain shower. The room had complimentary wifi, Air conditioner, organic kemara products, and bottled water.

Surprise Surprise Surprise

The best part of the stay was dinner.  After adoring beautiful views, we headed towards the restaurant area for dinner. We had a lovely dinner, and our taste buds were super satisfied, but the best part is yet to come.

We noticed the staff was bringing a cake. It was such a pleasant surprise because 2 days before, it was Sanjanee’s birthday. That was very thoughtful, and impressed us a lot.

After dinner, we walked to the jetty to enjoy the beautiful sunset walking hand-in-hand. The guests can enjoy the nice boat ride during the day time.

The last day of the trip

On the next day, we dive into our Koggala facing private plunge pool. What a view!

We enjoyed walking around the garden and then went to the infinity pool overlooking the lake. But unfortunately, we didn’t have time to swim in the main pool.

We also got to know that whale watching is best from December to April month. Guests can also see spinners, bottlenose dolphins, and turtles in the natural environment. If you are lucky enough, you might encounter the majestic creatures. Well, living in the island nation has its perks.

Concluding thoughts

Overall the Tri Lanka resort offers a pleasant stay. The intelligent spiral architecture of the resort allows beautiful views from anywhere in the resort.

Tri Restaurant

We would only suggest maintaining the room regularly and serve best to the customers. After all, guest satisfaction should be the topmost priority.

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Points to Note: Tri Koggala Resort Review

  • Price: Rs. 35,000 booked directly on bed and breakfast double basis
  • Visited in October 2020
  • The resort is very beautifully and architecturally designed, but the resort should place more concern on cleanliness and maintenance inside the room
  • Highly recommended to go for a villa with plunge pool

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