Uga Bay Pasikuda Review

The monsoon period in Sri Lanka is mesmerizing. If you have ever been to the island nation, you would know how gorgeous it looks. All the top attractions of Sri Lanka – the beaches, national parks, and tea estates come to its full glory.

Nadika and Sanjanee, the two adventurers and love-struck couple, went to Uga Bay, Pasikuda. This property was a part of the four-day trip plan. Since we wanted the best of 4 WORLD(s), we thought of keeping different options for the trip. So, here is the Uga Bay Pasikuda Review.

Pasikuda is known for its famous beach and the sparkling clean water. Since the beach is the most talked-about in the entire nation, we thought of doing a beach holiday at Uga Bay.

USP of the property: Private beach access, the spectacular lobby area, and spacious rooms.

First Impression IS the Last Impression

Well, they say that first impression IS the last impression. We can’t say that it holds true for knowing someone deeply, but it holds true in terms of hotels and places.

When we parked the car, we were escorted to the lobby area. Once you enter the lobby, it is a different place altogether.

View at the reception

Smart interiors! The whole decor makes the lobby look super spacious and beautiful.

 The lobby is the MAIN attraction. You can see the swimming pool of the property, and it gives a stellar view too.

Entering the Luxurious and Spacious Room

When a couple gets married, the space between them diminishes. You live in the same home and under the same roof. You share a life together, and make a list of plans for life. Of course, there should be no boundaries or space between partner. But, generally speaking, space is required everywhere else. That’s what you will get at the Uga Bay room. The room is very spacious!

Spacious Rooms

We got the upper floor of one cluster. The icing on the cake is that the room was directly facing the beach. We could just wake up to the sound of crashing waves, and happy people.

View from the Balcony

The rooms at Uga Bay are extremely luxurious and have all the necessary amenities that one looks forward to. Even the bathroom is big enough and houses all the modern facilities. If you are thinking of about taking your work along, there is free WiFi too. No complaints!

Living Up To Our Expectations – Food Review

Uga is known for their excellent food variety and brilliant taste. What can we say? As usual, the food was brilliant, and even the staff was accommodating.

The restaurant is good-looking! It has a large glass through which you can see the ocean. In fact, you can head to the beach after a happy meal.

We had some special food requests and the staff was happy to cater to these. Overall, we are always satisfied with Uga’s food quality and variety.

Concluding Thoughts

As we come to the conclusion, we like to be unbiased because many couples around the world are reading our posts. However, without being biased, we did LOVE Uga Bay.

Note: Since it was monsoon season, we were not able to head to the beach. The waves get choppy and red flags are up for safety purpose. But, on a happy sunny afternoon, a couple can go to the beach and enjoy a private meal. Yes, it can be arranged by the hotel.

Uga Bay Surroundings and Pathways

So, don’t give it a second thought because Uga Bay is truly an exceptional property. Just go for it!

Points to Note: Uga Bay Pasikuda Review

  • Price: Rs.17,000 (USD 90) booked a beach studio directly through a credit card offer on half board basis
  • Visited in December 2018
  • In general, Pasikuda hotels are not large and you do not have a lot of space to relax
  • Try to opt for a sea view room closer to the sea

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