Victoria Golf Resort Review

Once in a while, we should plan getaways with our family. While everyone is busy with their own lives, a family getaway could bring the members closer to each other.

We headed to Victoria Golf & Country Resort, a gorgeous 500-acre property near Kandy. As the name  suggests, the property is located in an area where there is a large golf course.

Victoria Golf and Country Resort, Surroundings, Duo Escapes

Entering The Grand Resort: A Warm Welcome Awaits

Duo Escapes  is always up for a romantic getaway, but this retreat was dedicated to our family. 10 of us went to the resort (including kids aged 7 and 3).

As we entered, the staff welcomed us with affection. They served us the welcome drinks. Who can forget the wet towels? This helped us to feel fresh and relaxed!

When you enter the premises, you would realize that it is a massive property! The golf course of this property is one of the largest in Sri Lanka. The view of this large golf course left us with high expectations!

Heading To Our Plush Rooms at Victoria Golf Resort

Chalets at Victoria Resort

We headed to the rooms which were quite large and luxurious. The finishing inside the rooms is impressive. One unit has two rooms and the kids enjoyed the large space.

The bathroom had a contemporary touch. Just above the shower area, there is a glass top. You can soak in the view while taking a shower. It feels like you are showering under a waterfall amidst nature.

There was cushion bed in the balcony for guests to relax. Overall, we loved the interiors of the room. Everything inside the room screamed LUXURY! Plus, we got a view of the golf course from our room.

There are three categories of rooms in the property. You can choose from cottages, villas, and Victoria Chalets.

A Happy Family Meal

We went as one big happy meal! Even though there are not many options, but the food is excellent. The taste was delectable. We were extremely satisfied with the world-class buffet. Since we were a mixed group of kids and adults, everyone got something interesting on their plate.  

The restaurant in the property is known as ARALIYA. Verdant views and delicious food – the kids and elders were happy with the meal.


We had our dinner and settled in the room. A comfortable sleep indeed! The next morning, we had breakfast and soaked in the view of the mountains.

Next Day Adventure to Victoria Dam

As soon as we arrived at this property, we had thought of going to the Victoria DAM. Since it was too late, we were unable to head to the dam. Well, before we could go on to fulfil our wish of visiting the dam, everyone decided to head to the gigantic swimming pool.

Swimming Pool

Please note that the pool is at an elevation which is separated from the hotel main areas. The kids and elders enjoyed a good swim at the pool.

Now was the time to fulfil our wish. (FINALLY!)

We used our own vehicle to head to Victoria Dam. Since we asked the hotel staff, they provided us with a guide. Perfect!

Just so you know, Victoria Dam is the tallest dam in all of Sri Lanka.

Victoria Dam from Victoria Golf and Country Resort

We saw a jetty that is especially meant for those guests who are coming to the property by seaplane. The jetty was just 10 minutes away from the property! We were glad that we could make it to this dam because the view was mesmerizing.

Summing Up The Family Getaway at Victoria Golf Resort

There are some houses inside the property. We were intrigued to find out who it belongs to! The guide told us that the houses belong to the members of the golf club. They use the units as a family holiday home!

Overall, we enjoyed the trip with our family. It was a spacious one and had all the amenities one could ask from a luxurious property!

The expansive pool under the clear blue sky will make you forget all the worries of life.

If you enjoy playing golf or just want a large place to spend your weekend, head to Victoria Golf & Country Resort. It is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway, a family retreat, or even a happy solo trip. The choice is yours!

Points to Note: Victoria Golf Resort Review

  • Price: Rs.10,000 (USD 55) booked on half board basis for a double room through directly contacting the hotel
  • Visited on July 2019
  • This a large property where you can enjoy and relax
  • Sea plane transfers can be arranged through cinnamon air
  • Tour to the Victoria Dam View point is a must
  • Food is excellent which can be expected usually from a Cinnamon Resort
  • Can be recommended for a couple or even family

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