Water Garden Sigiriya Review

Have you ever wondered why Sigiriya attracts the attention of people all over the world? Well, people of Sri Lanka must have studied it in history books and are very well aware of the beauty it holds. Some say; It is a leftover of a lava plug from an ancient long extinct volcano. Sigiriya is a 200 meter massive rock. We are certain that it’s on everyone’s bucket list. 

The Duoescapes couple missed exploring places in November due to the global pandemic, but Nadika and Sanjanee finally decided to escape and explore a place in the middle of the island nation.   

We decided to pick a location other than mountains or a coastal area, and that’s when this beautiful hotel caught our attention, it is a beautiful place with a charming and pleasing view to adore. Here comes Water Garden Sigiriya Review.

Preparations before going

Villa with private plunge pool

I would really recommend packing swimsuits, deciding good shots, and getting photo ready because this trip is a never-ending romantainment. We wanted a private pool because due to Covid situation we didn’t want to use the main pool. Sticking to the hygiene protocols seemed like the best option.

We booked a superior deluxe villa with a plunge pool. It is what every couple would desire to have. We couldn’t wait to enter the villa and talk for hours.

With just a phone call, you can make direct reservations and also avail various offers.

What caught our attention?

The property is a perfect blend of nature and luxury. You know what else is interesting about this property, the man made pool and natural canals. It is an excellent place for bird watching as well. Imagine waking up in the morning next to your loved one – the chirping of birds makes the experience surreal.  

The hotel’s location makes it more interesting because one can see both Pidurangala and Sigiriya rock, which holds a rich history.

Our Experience At The Water Garden Sigiriya 

So, we reached the hotel on Friday and were lucky to make direct reservations via a phone call. We checked in early between 10:30 am to 11:00 am, and we were so excited to dive into the private pool.

The villa had a spacious bedroom with a king sized bed, private pool, twin vanity sink, pool deck, bathtub, and dining area. We were offered all the luxurious facilities, including mini bar, safe, coffee/tea, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, and bathrobes.


Duo Escapes couple loved the luxurious facilities provided. The aesthetics of the room and the pool are worth experiencing. The hotel also offers fun activities like cycling, billiards, archery. It also has fitness centers, helipad, and a conference room.

While we were happy to try everything they offered, but our villa was the highlight.

Following the Safety Protocols

The hotel rigorously follows hygiene protocols including high-temperature wash of linens, hand sanitizers for the guests and staff, wearing of masks, regular checkup of staff, contactless check-in and check-out, availability of doctors and much more.

 So, a big thumbs up to the team for maintaining hygiene and following the safety protocols.

Fault in the star

Well looking at the other side of the coin, we think that private pools need more attention and privacy because some parts were not properly enclosed, which lowers the satisfaction level. Adding to that, in most of the villas the public walking paths are located in front of the private plunge pools. A more denser vegetation cover would be handy for villas with plunge pools.

A private pool should be ‘private’, right?

Concluding thoughts

It can be finally concluded that the hotel is wonderful in many aspects. However, the private pool area needs restructuring to enhance the privacy. Apart from that, everything was flawlessly organized.

The hotel also offers bumper discounts on booking. Considering the global pandemic, all the necessary precautions are taken. Overall it is such a happy, safe, and lively property to visit.

Keep following our journey because we have so much to share with our readers!

Points to Note: Water Garden Sigiriya Review

  • Price: Rs. 30,000 (USD 155) booked on double bed & breakfast basis directly contacting the hotel
  • Visited in December 2020.
  • The hotel sets out in a beautiful location with a perfect architectural blend
  • The villas with private pools are large in size with separate living area

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