Spontaneous trips are the best! Thankfully, we love the idea of exploring. On Independence Day, we decided to head out for a getaway. On 4th February morning, we were in an adventurous mood, but could not find any vacant property. The lack of options did not dull our spirit! We found an exciting property called ‘Yathra By Jetwing‘. So, here is the Yathra by Jetwing Review.

The houseboat property takes inspiration from Kerala houseboats. The floating luxury was waiting for us and we were excited about the new adventure.

Reaching Yathra By Jetwing – Location and Consequences

Not only the property is unique, but the journey towards Yathra By Jetwing is quite adventurous. The property is located in Bentota. We had to pass a muddy road, but our vehicle managed to get in.

The Google Maps was a little misleading in the beginning, but guests can make a call to the staff. The moment we saw the houseboat, we were unsure whether this is the property or not. There was no lobby area or any waiting zone which made it difficult for us to locate the property.

Hence, follow Google Maps, but reach out to the staff as soon as you reach the spot, because you have to park your vehicles at Dedduwa Boat house. This is another property of the same group and you can easily locate the signboard from the main road.

Smooth Check-In Process

After all the confusion of finding the property, we finally checked into Yathra By Jetwing. The check-in process takes place at DEDDUWA Boat House. The staff took us to the main property/the houseboat. It was gigantic, but it had only got two rooms. We were happy with the view and the privacy!

 We had to cross a small bridge which heightened our expectation. Overall, check-in was buttery smooth and we had no issues!

Entering the Houseboat

After crossing the bridge, we entered a shared but small living area for both the rooms. Even it is not spacious, the area had books, children’s games, and much more for the entertainment of guests.

The two rooms are next to each other. These are known as ‘deluxe cabins’. We stayed in the room located on the right side. Even though the washroom was small and cosy, it had a bathtub. Excitedly, we used the bathtub for a romantic time, but there was a leakage in the bathtub. Bummer! The staff did try to fix it, but there was some leakage still. However, we enjoyed using the cosy washroom.

Bath Tub with river view

There is a private balcony and it opens to the Bentara River. The King Size bed was soft enough for a comfortable sleep.

Private Balcony of the room

There is a kitchen within the boat where you can prepare tea and coffee with your family/partner. You will find two decks on the boat on both sides preferably for the usage of each room, but one has to come out of their room to visit the deck.

A Unique Experience

The boat was anchored and did not move on the river bed. Even though it is parked at one location, we still enjoyed the good view across the river and watched few children bathing and enjoying in the river!

We chose the Bed and Breakfast package, without the cruise option and we were informed that the boat cruise would be Rs.10,000. We thought of not going ahead with the cruise option, as we were highly satisfied with the experience itself.  

A foreign couple checked in to the other room in the evening and we were informed that they have opted for the cruise option. The staff asked us whether we want to check-out early the next day, but we did not want to leave before 12. So lucky us, we got a FREE CRUISE!

Free Cruise for Us!

Food For The Hungry Soul

Breakfast is served at the deck (right side of the boat) while we were enjoying the cruise. The breakfast option was amazing! But, the only drawback was that there was not much options, which is understandable, because we were in the middle of the river.

The English breakfast had some variety, but the staff was happy to replenish the options. We enjoyed a hearty meal with a view! In case you are in the mood to party, there is also roof terrace for small parties.

Roof Terrace

Summing Up

There is no pool within the property. However, you can just enjoy the view or read a book. Couples would have a good isolated time inside the room and the balcony.

The deck and terrace are great, but it gets too sunny in the afternoon.

Overall, our trip was satisfactory and it was a different experience for both of us!

We were able to use the services at DEDDUWA Boat house as well. Perhaps it is a good one-time experience for couples who just want to relax in their room and have passionate moments all night long!

Are you ready to go to the love nest in Bentota?

Points to Note

  • Price: Rs.20,000 (USD 105) Booked on Bed and Breakfast Basis without cruise, but we were lucky enough to enjoy a FREE CRUISE!
  • Visited on February 2019
  • Guests should park the vehicle at Dedduwa Boat House by Jetwing since the check-in takes place there.
  • Yathra by Jetwing only has 2 rooms and the rooms are smaller. Bathroom is also tiny including the bath tub.
  • The boat is anchored and you need to request for a Cruise which takes around 1 to 1.5 hours. Please also cross check whether your package is with or without cruise.
  • It is completely a different experience, and good for a romantic nightout at a boat.

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