Heritance Kandalama Review: Part 2

The stay is incomplete without a sumptuous breakfast. Hold on! You are going to enter a delicious section wherein you might get tempted.

We are already missing the waffles and live action in the kitchen!

Let’s dive right into the breakfast spread the very next day. This deserves a separate post altogether. Hence, we thought of doing a PART 2: Heritance Kandalama Review.

A Fun And Elaborate Breakfast Spread


Breakfast at Kandalama

That’s the word that came to our mind after heading to the buffet. Kandalama serves the best breakfast buffet in Sri Lanka. It is massive and the buffet restaurant can accommodate many people. We were able to get a view of the famous Sigiriya Rock. What a wonderful view!

Since the breakfast was elaborate and lavish, we spent 2.5 hours here. Thanks to the view and hundreds of breakfast options to choose from!

They served toast, bread, eggs (the way you like), fresh juice bar (make your own), and dishes from different parts of the world. Talking about the juice bar, you can ask the staff to make a juice from any vegetable or fruit. The choice is yours! Let your creative mind work here.

There is a live station where you can watch the chefs making egg hoppers and waffles. Delicious!

If you are keen to have exotic fruits, you will find it at the Kandalama buffet. We don’t even get to see them in the market!

Note – The restaurant staff are extremely friendly and they are always on their toes. If you head to Tripadvisor or any other review site, you find that guests talk ill about the staff. Fortunately, we have been treated like royals at the property.

Nothing to complain! As per our personal experience, the hotel staff were cooperative and helped us all throughout. Thumbs up for the excellent service and lavish breakfast!

Heading Out For Another Adventure

When you step out from the restaurant, there are two paths. One takes you to the terrace and a spa. If you want to relax, the spa is excellent and offers different types of massages. The other path is the adventurous one.

Since we are always up for an adventure, we took this path. We found an interesting tree and the hotel has built a space to sit on this. You get a feeling like you are Tarzan and Jane sitting on the tree. Who could miss this chance? We sat on this tree for a little while and headed back.

Hold that thought!

As we were walking around this area, we found another group doing the same. A senior staff screamed at us and told us to go back to the room. Well, we were shocked by his reaction, but he was just being protective. He told us that the area has the presence of snakes. He saved our life!

Perhaps you could quickly take a picture and head back to your home!

Exploring The Three Swimming Pools

Since the hotel is massive, there are three swimming pools within the property.

Geoffrey Bawa has built three pools:

1. Kachchan Pool

2. Kaludiya Pool

3. Rashmi Pool

Kachchan Pool is the infinity pool. You can swim till the edge and witness the famous Sigiriya Rock. What a location! The pool is open from 7 AM to 8 PM. You have to respect the pool timings!

Main Infinity Pool

Kaludiya Pool is basically the pool with dark water. That’s the impression you get after seeing this pool! This is because of the dark bedrock.

Kandalama Review, Duo Escapes
Kaludiya Pool

Rashmi basically translates to ‘ray of light’. If you want to take an evening swim, this one is perfect because it catches the rays of the bright sun. This one has to be the largest pool at Kandalama.

Rashmi Pool

You can choose whichever pool you like and go for a swim for as long as you want.

Please note: Taking alcohol to the poolside is strictly prohibited. Also, you must carry your swimming costume.

Celebrating Earth Day At Kandalama

When we visited Kandalama for the second visit, it was Earth Day. The staff provided us some candles and matchsticks. Since they cut the power for an hour, we were able to use these candles to create the perfect setting.

Earth day Celebrations at Kandalama

The whole purpose is to conserve energy. Mother Nature is being exploited in a number of ways and on Earth Day, Kandalama holds several activities to promote conservation of energy.

There were some other activities that we could be a part of. The staff showed us a short story at the lobby area. It was all about environment and how we can protect it. We also enjoyed watching ‘Monkey Kingdom’ movie at the lobby.

A magic show at Kandalama

Concluding Thoughts: Heritance Kandalama Review

As we remember the good times we had at Kandalama, you must make plans and pack your bags.

Life is too short for regrets! Hence, you should visit Kandalama to experience nature at its true form.

It is absolutely stunning and highly luxurious! We recommend  you to book the room from the online site. The staff was highly cooperative and sugar sweet.

DuoEscapes is known for giving fair and unbiased reviews. Since we are avid travellers, we would never recommend anything average to you.

So, our adventure stories will keep going on. How about YOU go for your adventure tour? Head to Kandalama and enjoy the luxurious amenities and true comfort. Keep the windows locked, please!

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